United States Is In Talks About Relaxing China’s Access To Technology

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The United States are questioning the current access restrictions to technology in China. Traditionally, these restrictions were to protect the military but now they want to change it up a little to boost economic sales and to form good relations with China.

In just a few months, both countries plan on meeting up to discuss products and technology services.  The U.S. plans on putting a significant focus on a select list of over 140 items in hopes that China will make purchases. While the list of items has not yet been disclosed, some of the controlled items are said to include aircraft, engines, depleted uranium, lasers, and telecommunications equipment. Wall Street Journal reports that the U.S. planned this talk for at least over one year.

Unfortunately, not everyone is happy with the upcoming meeting. California Representative Rohrabacher expressed her opinion last fall to the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, “China is an increasingly hostile and disruptive force in the world. The idea that we are cooperating with them, in any capacity, is alarming”

There is no report on how much the United States government is going relax on their offerings.

The United States Ambassador Gary Locke made a speech to Shanghai explained the plan, “We are in the midst of a major reform and simplification that will enable more high-tech goods to be exported to China.”  He later also requested more information from Chinese officials, “We need additional detail from China on the remaining requested items, so that we can determine whether and under what conditions they can be exported.”

Selling and trading technology with countries from all over the world is a good thing. Not only does it boost the economies and financial profits of both parties, it also provides more knowledge on world relations and that’s a very good thing.

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