Unblock Region Specific YouTube, Hulu And Grooveshark by ProxMate

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If you regularly access YouTube, Hulu, and Grooveshark then you may have stumbled upon some content that have been blocked because you’re not in a supported region. No doubt we all hate this problem which seems to be really annoying.

That’s where ProxMate comes to the scene. This extension unblocks region specific content from YouTube, Hulu and Grooveshark. Basically what this extension does is to route your traffic through a supported proxy, which makes the website think that you are accessing the site from a supported country.

Unblock Region Specific YouTube, Hulu And Grooveshark by ProxMate

You can also customize ProxMate and set up your own proxy servers. This is useful when you stuble upon any country specific blocks. When you don’t require this extension, you can easily switch it OFF from the toolbar so that your browsing experience doesn’t gets affected.

The developer has some specific instructions for unblocking content on Hulu:

  1. Browse a video from Hulu and click on “details” button under a video.
  2. You’ll notice a button saying “Unblock this Videos”.
  3. Simply click on this button to unblock the video.

ProxMate extension is available for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. This extension won’t cost you even a penny. Install this extension from the below link and unblock YouTube videos, Grooveshark and Hulu, right now.

Download ProxMate

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