Twitter Now Notify You When Someone ‘Favorites’ Your Tweet

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Twitter Now Notify You When Someone 'Favorites' Your Tweet

It seems Twitter doesn’t plan on cutting down the email notifications, and in its latest endeavour, the company has added yet another notification email alert. Users would now get email alerts when someone favourites a tweet in which they were mentioned in. With this change, Twitter would be expanding its current notification system but some might consider it as yet another email that they’ll have to delete.

Previously, users were only alerted when their own tweets were Favorited, but now, users will be alerted when another user mentions you in a tweet, and that tweet gets favorited. It appears that Twitter has began rolling out this new update from June 17.

Apart from this notification, users are also receiving notifications when another user retweets a tweet they retweeted. Well, it seems that Twitter does not want to leave any stone unturned, and don’t want to miss any chance to email its users.

What’s not clear is that would Twitter allow users to unsubscribe from this notification? It most likely will. For now, you can visit Settings > Email notifications to unsubscribe from every email notifications.

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