Twitter Introduces ‘Vine’, A 6 Second Video Sharing App

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Twitter have just unveiled a new video sharing service called Vine, which enables users share brief video clips with other users. This free video app is available on the iTunes  App Store.

Twitter Introduces 'Vine', A 6 Second Video Sharing App

Twitter recently shared a blog post announcing the new app, where they mentioned they hoped to bring it to other mobile-based platforms.  Yesterday, Twitter’s chief executive officer, Dick Costolo, shared a tweet about Vine  to give the website’s users a sneak preview of what was coming. At the time, there was no word on if Vine will be a Twitter-based service or if it will just work in conjunction with the popular social media website.  We now know that Vine will work along with Twitter, while still remaining as a separate service.


The video clips featured on Vine should last no more than six seconds. These videos can be shared on Twitter and Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB). Users can also search for specific videos with hashtags.

As explained by Dom Hoffman, general manager and co-founder for Vine, the video clips shown on the app are essentially shortened versions of larger videos. It’s like little windows which will allow users to take a close glimpse at people, things, or places.

Currently, Vine is exclusively compatible with iPhones and iPod Touch devices, although the company has plans to branch out to other platforms in the near future, although no date has been given yet. There has also been no mention as to which platforms will be receiving the mobile application.

There is another similar service called Tout, a service which bills itself video for Twitter. Users can record brief videos up to fifteen seconds long. Afterward, they can embed the videos in tweets, blog posts, Facebook, or directly on the web.

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