Twitter Integrates Live-Streaming Button In Android App

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Twitter is putting a “go live” button for Android users of its Periscope for when they compose tweets, according to The Verge. Facebook is focusing on Live Video with a completely dedicated tab for streams, so it is no shock that the micro-blogging giant is fighting the streaming war through an integration with Periscope.

Making live-streaming easier

Users can tap the button and be redirected to Twitter’s live-streaming platform and there, they can start a live broadcast. Those who have not installed Periscope yet are redirected to the Google Play Store. This integration with the live-streaming platform brings Twitter closer to parity with Facebook in terms of user experience. Facebook allows users to start broadcasts from inside its flagship app.

In a statement, the California-based social media company told the media that it is rolling out a “Go Live” button to a small percentage of users. The micro-blogging firm added that over time, all users will have the ability to start a Periscope broadcast from the platform.

The micro-blogging giant acquired Periscope last year. The live-streaming platform has worked hard to maintain a sense of independence from its corporate parent. This, on one hand, has allowed it to build a user base and distinct identity. On the other, it also means that in integrating live video features into its flagship app, Twitter has been unable to move as fast as rival Facebook.

Facebook vs. Twitter in live-streaming

Such a move from Twitter makes a lot of sense, and it is a little surprising that the micro-blogging site took so much time to make it. The company needs to explore synergies as its competitor Facebook with its user base of over 1.65 billion is doubling down on live-streaming.

Facebook does have a larger user base, but it is yet to be seen if it can adapt to live video, which has a quite different proposition than a timeline full of updates collected over days. Twitter is more adept at real-time, but its user base of 310 million is far smaller.

Many users would not like to download Periscope to begin live broadcasts on Twitter, especially when they can use Facebook’s live streaming app. However, the social media giant should watch out for the micro-blogging site as maybe this is just the beginning. Twitter and Periscope are showing that they can move fast too. Last week, the duo introduced permanent broadcasts and search.

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