Twitch Streamer Aqualadora Admits That She Deliberately Killed A Dog

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Twitch streamer Aqualadora came under fire recently due to claims that she deliberately killed a dog because she “didn’t like the owner.”

Perhaps hoping her statements would be brushed off or even laughed at, Aqualadora seemed unapologetic as she admitted that “[she] used to work as a veterinary technician, so [she] once killed someone’s dog.”

The host of the stream was understandably shocked and asked for clarification, asking if the Twitch streamer had killed a dog on purpose, and she responded “yeah, but no one knew because y’know… professional, but I mean…”

RajjPatel, the host channel of the stream, has also received some criticism due to the fact that he continued to host her even after the shocking revelation that Aqualadora killed a dog, as he tried to salvage the situation by telling her to “just say that it was an accident,” to which the Twitch streamer responded that “It was a really bad person, so…”

She continued on, saying “It was a pretty sh*tty dog too, I mean, sh*tty dog, sh*tty person.”

The twitch streamer immediately came under fire for her comments, with many wondering how Aqualadora could do something so heinous and criticizing her nonchalance regarding the occurrence.

“Listen, I worked in a veterinary hospital,” she said. “Dogs die in there all the time. Let’s just say I didn’t kill the dog…the medication killed the dog.”

In response to the criticism regarding RajjPatel’s continued hosting of Aqualadora after the comment, he posted a statement on twitter condemning her actions.

“The abuse of animals is completely unacceptable and morally reprehensible, Rajj said. “The individual involved was removed as a result and will never be welcome on my platform again. Im really upset about it and can’t believe that anybody would have the capacity to do something like that.”

Perhaps in the response to the fact that the video of Aqualadora admitting that she killed a dog started circulating around the internet and through various media outlets, she backtracked on her insistence that she truly killed a dog, tweeting “You would think this community would know how to recognize a troll when they see one.”

Whether or not this twitch streamer was actually joking about the fact that she allegedly killed a dog is currently up in the air, but if it was a joke, the internet hasn’t found it funny. Websites and forums across the web are discussing the clip where Aqualadora makes her comments regarding the issue. It appears that this Twitch streamer has made herself famous, but for all the wrong reasons.

While the saying goes that all publicity is good publicity, it may be difficult for her channel to recover after how big this whole situation has become. Aqualadora didn’t necessarily break the Twitch terms of service per se, and the fact that she had recently said she was joking may keep her from repercussions from the platform or from the law, she seems to have killed her chances of becoming a bigger presence as a twitch streamer.

The videos on the Aqualadora channel are now subscriber-only, due to the fact that she received numerous threats regarding her admittance that she killed a dog. Whether it was a joke that missed its mark or the admittance of a shocking crime isn’t easy to tell, but if there’s one thing that’s certain it’s that the Aqualadora twitch channel may be in for a rough path moving forward.

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