Trump’s Remarks Regarding Mental Health Care And Guns Wrong?

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Statement by Sal Rosselli President National Union of Healthcare Workers on President Trump’s Remarks Today Regarding Mental Health Care and Mass Shootings

The following statement is from Sal Rosselli, president of the National Union of Healthcare Workers (NUHW), the union which represents more private sector mental health clinicians than any other U.S. labor organization.

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President Trump is correct in calling for an increased focus on mental health care. But it’s absurd to think that so-called “red flag” laws alone are an effective response to this ongoing crisis.

Federal laws require parity for physical and mental health treatment, but have been largely ignored. Rather than tiptoeing around the edges, President Trump should immediately call for – and rigorously enforce – true parity between mental health and physical health care. It should just be health care and not a double standard.

There’s no one answer to America’s epidemic of gun violence. But surely we can all agree that rapid, universal access to quality mental health care is a step we must take as soon as possible.

What do you think about mental health care and gun issues? Are they correlated or is this more of a gun control or other issue? Tell us in the comments section what you believe.

NUHW was formed after a split with the SEIU per Wikipedia.

Per their website, the NUHW describes itself as the following:

The National Union of Healthcare Workers is a worker-led movement dedicated to improving the lives of caregivers and patients.

NUHW was founded in 2009 as a democratic alternative to healthcare unions that have adopted top-down corporate power structures that deny members a voice in their own union. At NUHW, workers set the agenda, lead bargaining talks, and elect their own leaders. And we never make agreements with employers without member approval.

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