The Cost Of Becoming Great Again

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Every American knows the motto of Donald Trump’s perpetual presidential campaign: “Make America Great Again.” And at his rallies, you can always see many of his followers proudly wearing their red MAGA caps.

We all know that the main way to make America great again is to bring back the millions of manufacturing jobs that China has lured away from us. That’s why, just last week, President Trump ordered American manufacturers to wind down their operations in China, and either move them to other nations — or even better – bring them back to the good ole USA.

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Manufacturing of MAGA Caps

Especially hard hit have been the American apparel, shoe, and toy industries. Today China accounts for up to 90 percent of our imports in these and other classes of what are considered “light” manufactured goods. In the 1980s, 1990s, and the first decade of the new millennium, the economies of entire American towns and small cities have been decimated by the loss of these jobs.

Mr. Trump has made it his personal crusade to bring these jobs back to our shores, and to restore them to their rightful owners. And that’s where those MAGA caps come in. I was just informed by my good friend, Richard Adelman, that these caps are manufactured in China. Please, Mister President: Tell us it ain’t so!

Now to be fair, although the caps ARE sold on our president’s campaign website, most of the sales are accounted for by a few very small American companies that buy the hats in China for about $3, and then sell them here for considerably more.

Now that President Trump is slapping tariffs on nearly all the goods we’re importing from China, this may mean a substantial price increase for the MAGA caps. But surely his followers will not complain. After all, we all need to be prepared to make sacrifices if we are to Make America Great Again.

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