Track Your Apps And Data Usage On iOS 10 via DataMan Pro

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With apps sucking up your Internet data faster than ever before, it has become increasingly important to track data usage. If you don’t keep tabs on your cellular data usage, you may end up paying a premium in overage fees just for watching someone eat dinner on YouTube. XVision has launched a new and improved version of its DataMan Pro for iOS 10 that lets you know how each app uses data every hour, every day.

Its smart forecasts help your maximize data plan

DataMan Pro tracks the apps running on your iPhone to let you know how they affect your data usage. Its smart forecasting feature predicts – based on your usage trends – whether you’ll stay within your data cap, so that you can take necessary precautions. DataMan Pro also serves intelligent suggestions regarding how much data you can use right now while avoiding overage.

XVision founder Johhny Ixe told us that they have updated the Data and Stopwatch widgets to the new iOS 10 widget style. The updated Data widget allows you to check your data usage at a glance from any screen, and find out your data balance for today. What’s more, the DataMan Pro supports watchOS 3. The watch app quickly shows you the most important stats in Dock and Complication.

Image Credit: Johhny Ixe / XVision

DataMan Pro tracks both cellular and WiFi data

According to XVision, the app tracks both WiFi and cellular data, showing you how much data you consumed on cellular versus WiFi. With its real-time stats and smart forecasts, you don’t have to worry about overage. Look at the monthly, hourly, and daily charts to see when your peak usage is. DataMan Pro even tells you which apps are consuming most of your data.

The visual background is also neat. Based on the plan information you provide during setup, DataMan gives you alerts when you reach 50%, 70%, 90%, and 100% of your data usage. It supports a variety of different data plan types including daily, weekly, 10-day, 31-day, and 60-day plans. If you are really interested in keeping tabs on your data usage, DataMan Pro for iOS 10 could be your go-to choice.

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