Top 5 most profitable startups around the globe

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Startups offer a fantastic opportunity to make profits when there isn’t strong competition. Moreover, the people who came up with the idea could achieve it with the help of powerful and wealthy individuals. Every day, new innovations and products come out around the globe, however, the startups that have the most success, have secured their place in the business world. We have decided to show you the top 5 most well-known and profitable startups across the world.

1. Lemonads

Lemonads aids marketers in increasing their effectiveness and increasing their revenue with their cutting-edge solutions and technology.

The lemonads group is an important player in the monetization process of digital viewers along with affiliate marketing. We support companies across the world in their digital expansion.

Lemonads mission is to assist advertisers and publishers maximize their online performance by offering them an array of top-quality services that are all accessible through a simple and efficient self-service platform. We are here to help! We listen to you and design the most efficient solutions available in the market to support you throughout the world of business. With more than 10 years of experience across the globe, we have created an ever-growing and dynamic business, with hardworking employees motivated by values we stand behind and stand up for.

2. Handy

The company is involved in an innovative “cloud” software developed to oversee a large group. With the aid of software developed by Zenefits HR department leaders are able to maintain an electronic record of the hiring process, salaries, wages, insurance, and so on. Furthermore, it gives access to these records from any location on earth.

Zenefits was established by entrepreneur Parker Conrad in 2013. Within a single year, Zenefits transformed itself into an expanding business that is estimated to be worth $650 million. The investors of the company comprise Andreessen Horowitz and other industry-leading Silicon Valley venture capital funds. Zenefits is now serving more than 2000 corporate customers.

3. AdRoll

AdRoll is among the most innovative marketing initiatives of the last few years. The company is currently working on mobile retargeting which is an application for tracking and studying consumer behavior on various devices and platforms from a marketing point of view. For 2014 the business received investments of $70 million. Its shareholders include major venture capitalists, such as the popular Accel Partners.

4. Lyft

On April 14, 2014, Lyft has successfully attracted investments of $225 million. The online taxi service has an increase in its growth rate than its main rival Uber. The company began operations in San Francisco in 2013 and within a short time expanded its operations to over thirty US states. Naturally, this brought it to being noticed by some reputable investors. Alibaba, Third Point, Horowitz, and Founders Fund – the list of Lyft shareholders is impressive. The company intends to expand into the global market.

5. The Honest Company

In 2011 Hollywood model Jessica Alba decided to create her own company to handle the creation of eco-friendly cosmetics and products for kids’ hygiene. Since then the company has been very popular with its target consumers – the young moms. Jessica Alba plays a very crucial part in the marketing strategy and is the main face of the brand. She frequently uses her products and makes time to engage with clients.

The Honest Company has invested more than $120 million. In addition, The company is well-known by the people of Silicon Valley: it is supported by funds from Iconiq Capital, Lightspeed Venture Partners, and others.