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Things you need to know regarding iOS 11 Jailbreak

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Apple’s iOS 11 is here, and everyone is looking forward to the iOS 11 Jailbreak. As soon as the Software Update emerges, this is the first question that comes to people’s mind. Sadly, there is no iOS 11 jailbreak available publicly, and it is still unsure when will there be one.

So, if this is your question, no, there is currently no available jailbreak and thereby, no possibility for users to install third-party extensions via Cydia. Apple has made progress with the security of iOS 11 making it flawless.

Jailbreaks are unpredictable. We are always well-introduced to the official changes in the operating system. As it is the case with Apple, the details about software upgrades get released every June at WWDC.

A few months later, in September the new operating system sees the light of the day for the first time. There are a lot of security checks from the moment the new iOS operating system is announced to release until the day it does.

Apple releases a lot of Beta systems for users to check and share their feedback with the gigant. Testing the Beta version proved beneficial because Apple is able to fix flaws and bugs that initially come with the system. Most likely, this is the best way to avoid jailbreaks.

On the other side, jailbreak updates are tucked in well, and there is no update about their progress until they are completely finished and available for download.

The last jailbreak update that is publicly available for downloading is fixed at iOS 10.2 version. But, as Apple is no longer signing for that version, it might be pointless to download it.

There have also been mentions of a jailbreak for iOS 10.3.1 which works well. However, it is still unclear whether the developer teams from Pangu came to a solution and whether they did patch it together.

Considering that Apple is still signing for iOS 10.3.3, it wouldn’t be a surprise for a jailbreak to occur on that operating system. However, it is still not sure if iOS 11 jailbreak will emerge. Until there is a public information regarding the potential jailbreak, users can cross fingers and wait.

It is still important to note that with Apple signing iOS 10.3.3. a lot of users might turn back and downgrade the software. While there is still no official jailbreak for iOS 10.3.3. it is still better to stay on the old firmware that you are already used to, as there are reportedly a lot of bugs and issues with iOS 11, including the inability to disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth from Control Center.

Apple, still, claims that a lot of security issues have been patched, making it impossible for the hackers to penetrate into the system. But we will see that in the future. Besides, with a lot of new and bells and whistles, it might be uninteresting to jailbreak Apple’s new operating system.

Nevertheless, here are some things you should know if you are leaning towards the way to jailbreak iOS 11

The system is apparently jailbroken, just not officially

Apple’s iOS 11 beta has been jailbroken as soon as it was released. At this year’s MOSEC (Mobile Security Conference), that was held in June, there was a mention of the jailbreak of iOS 11 beta 2 firmware as well as iOS 10.3.2.

The group of security researchers pointed in Shanghai, China, didn’t say anything else regarding the iOS 11 jailbreak and whether or not this jailbreak will pass on the original iOS 11 that came out a few days ago.

With Apple releasing a lot of beta version the likelihood of iOS 11 jailbreak to happen soon is weak.

Don’t attempt to download iOS 11 jailbreak

A lot of videos and posts about official iOS 11 jailbreak have been released since the Software came out. Those videos are fake and likely to cause damage to your device. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that it is better to be safe than sorry.

It is recommended to for now not update your software if you are eager to see iOS 11 jailbreak. If you already own a device with the jailbroken system upgrading to iOS 11 will erase all the data together with the jailbreak.

What do you think about the state of iOS 11 jailbreak? Let us know in the comments.

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