The U.S. Has The Most NFT Company HQs In The World

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New research can today reveal the U.S. has the most NFT company HQs in the world – with a massive 40% based in the states! 

The global study from NFT Club analysed Google searches and NFT companies’ data to discover which countries are most engaged with the world of NFTs.

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The Countries Where The Most NFT Company HQs Are Located

Rank Country NFT companies in country % of NFT companies 
1 United States 91 41.55%
2 Singapore 24 10.96%
3 India 11 5.02%
4 Canada 9 4.11%
5 Australia 7 3.20%
5 Japan 7 3.20%
5 United Kingdom 7 3.20%

The USA is at the forefront of driving development in the emerging NFT sector with 91 NFT company HQs based in the country. This equates to a huge 40% share of all the NFT companies in the world.

The Countries Most Interested In NFTs

Rank Country  Population NFT searches  NFT searches per 100,000 people 
1 Taiwan 23,888,595 2,300,330 9,629
2 Australia 26,068,792 2,137,060 8,198
3 Canada 38,388,419 3,119,870 8,127
4 Iceland 345,393 27,680 8,014
5 New Zealand 4,898,203 374,740 7,651

Taiwan is the country where people are the most interested in NFTs judging by their search history, with 9,629 NFT-related searches per 100,000 people over the past year. This is followed by Australia and Canada.

The research also revealed:

  • The U.S. is also home to the highest-funded NFT company, Forte Labs, worth over $900m. The 2nd highest-funded NFT company, Sorare, is based in France.
  • 5/10 of the highest-funded NFT companies are based in the USA, including Forte Labs, OpenSea, FanCraze, Genies and Pixel Vault with accumulative funding of over $1.6billion.
  • Despite being home to one of the highest numbers of NFT company HQs in the world, India came out bottom in terms of interest, with just 254 searches per population.