The NFT Calendar: Top-10 Upcoming NFT Drops Set To Dominate OpenSea

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Crypto, DeFi, and NFTs are rolling out unprecedented opportunities for retail investors. Right now, top NFTs are the talk of the town, and folks are minting millions from their blockchain-based “JPEGs.”

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You don’t need to look far. OpenSea is on average transacting over $1 billion in trading volumes every month, and it looks like the wave is picking up. Their financial boat—now yacht—is rising with the tide for the savvy and those doing their due diligence.

The good thing with crypto is that opportunities are pretty endless. They are present like the back and forth of waves on the oceanfront. Instead of losing hope, a closer look at top NFTs reveal that there are upcoming collections that may be diamond in the ruff, unrefined but with potential.

To illustrate this, we took it upon ourselves to conduct a survey. We reached out to 1,000 NFT traders asking them to rate the attractiveness of the upcoming top NFT airdrops ranking them on several features, including virality, media presence, and uniqueness, on a score of between 1 and 10. Afterward, we compiled the average scores into a spreadsheet, summed them up, and sorted the average by the total score.

# Name Uniqueness Potential increase in value Virality Media presence Execution Total Points
1 Journey of Stardust 10 10 9 9 10 48
2 The Message 9 10 9 10 9 47
3 Pixlr Genesis 8 9 9 9 10 45
4 The Last Raptor 8 9 9 9 8 43
5 Fin Society Fables 8 9 8 8 9 42
6 Remember Metaverse 7 8 8 8 9 40
7 Billionaire Tiger Club 8 9 7 7 8 39
8 Tokyo Pop Girls 9 7 6 7 9 38
9 Boredmafia Club 6 7 9 7 8 37
0 MoreCoin 6 6 9 7 8 36


The idea of averaging out parameters ranking and sorting out the total value based on best NFTs score was to quickly pick out projects which, according to top NFTs traders, are gaining traction and likely to post decent results in the future.

Overview of the Top-10 NFT Drops to Watch

  1. Journey of Stardust

A 360 Research Report projects the global comic industry to reach $4.69 billion in 2026, up from $3.87 billion in 2020. The Journey of Stardust is all about comics authored by Georgiana-Rada Sleam. The creators of this project are rolling out a 100-page piece of ERC-1155 NFT comics to tell the story of Stardust—a young wizard on an adventure. The BitColors NFT collection inspires the idea of Journey of Stardust. The Journey of Stardust’s NFT drop is ongoing on OpenSea, ending on December 2 at 5:00 pm, as the NFT calendar shows.

  1. The Message

According to the creator, art shouldn’t be pleasing to the eye or ear. Besides, art shouldn't be programmatically generated without a soul like most PFP avatar collections. In the minter’s view, finesse can be discovered naturally or by accident. On OpenSea, the author of this NFT drop is auctioning a 640x480 pixel photo of his poop he took in 2004 using a Nokia 3660 (navy blue) in a public toilet of a bus station in Rybinsk.

  1. Pixlr Genesis

Pixlr Genesis is an art-based metaverse by Pixlr—an online photo editor. There will be 10k art pieces to be sold in five phases. The first 2k artwork will each sell for 0.30 ETH. Eventually, Pixlr will launch the ART governance token and a decentralized museum to rival the Louvre, MOMA and National Gallery.

  1. The Last Raptor

The public sale of the 1,923 “Last Raptor” NFTs begins on December 2. According to the author, The Last Raptor is a collection of unique, 1,923 degenerate Raptors with their own color palette and composition. The idea of the collection is to prioritize quality over quantity. Holders will also receive additional benefits.

  1. Fin Society Fables

This is a collection of 10k unique fins roaming the deep waters of the OpenSea marketplace on Ethereum. There will be 5k male fins and 5k female fins, each with distinguishing characteristics. The objective of this collection is to bring awareness of Fins currently threatened by extinction. The Fin Society Fables will release three unique species of Fins’ animated artwork during the initial launch. Additionally, they will offer a sneak peek of Phase II, where male fins will be auctioned.

  1. Remember Metaverse

The project describes itself as the world’s first commemoration NFT on the metaverse. Central to the mint will be their Memorial Stone NFT on the Ethereum blockchain residing on the Remember Metaverse. Each of the 5k Memorial Stone is unique and is the key to the Remember Metaverse’s Memorial Hall, where users keep the memories of their loved ones. The first mint is scheduled for December 8, 2021.

  1. Billionaire Tiger Club

The digital club is for elite Solana members and comprises 9k unique NFTs. From the total, 8,940 are derived programmatically from hand-drawn portraits. The remaining, 60, are hand-drawn. Minted on Solana, each Billionaire Tiger will sell at a flat rate of 2 SOL. Ten percent of the mint sale will be split equally to the community treasury and Animal Protection Charities.

  1. Tokyo Pop Girls Collection

The Tokyo Pop Girls Collection (TPGC) comprises 3k unique NFTs by Onigiriman—a Tokyo-based illustrator-- in collaboration with tofuNFT—a Binance Smart Chain (BSC)-based NFT marketplace. The creator will be banking on previous success on this NFT drop. His collection on OpenSea tops $830k, where the floor price of each piece is at 0.6 ETH. Each TPGC will be sold at a base price of 0.2 BNB, but an investor can mint up to nine TPGCs.

  1. Boredmafia Club

The collection is made up of 5k unique Mafias with varying rarity levels on Ethereum, each selling starting from 0.079 ETH during the public sale on December 5 as set out on the NFT calendar. However, each NFT is available for 0.069 ETH during the presale on December 4.  Each mafia tag along with a collectible with guns and other accessories granting holders direct access to an NFT game.

  1. MoreCoin

The platform is the future of experiences where 2k qualifies a holder to be a member. Its community is made up of entertainers, actors, celebrities, and models. At the moment, the creators of the portal are working with brand owners and artists to develop NFT digital goods for members. Only MORE coin holders will gain access. MORE is listed on Bittrex.

Notable Observations

As the above list reveals, the NFT calendar is packed with several top NFT drops in the next few weeks throughout December to early 2022. However, even with blockchain expansions, most projects are launching on Ethereum regardless of the limiting fees. OpenSea is the choice NFT marketplace for most projects; excerpt Tokyo Pop Girls Collection (TPGC) dropping on TofuNFT. Even still, few projects are willing to trailblazer and specialize in a niche, rebelling against the automation of most P2P avatar collections. The Journey of Stardust NFT drop is the only one breaking away and staying unique with the goal of clipping market share from the multi-billion comic book industry.

Final Thoughts

The NFTs space is another frontier in the evolving blockchain and crypto space, demonstrating how useful new technologies can be for creators. Still, despite commanding a multi-billion valuation, there is work to be done for uniqueness and differentiation, a laudable move the author of Journey of Stardust is doing.The future of NFTs, as the above top NFT drops hint, isn’t in bland auto-generated avatars passing for art. Instead, artists like Georgiana-Rada Sleam are getting their creative juices and minting unique laser-focused pieces with real-world utility diverging from the CryptoPunks era that’s peaking.