The Key To Peloton’s Sustained Success – Commentary

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Peloton Interactive Inc (NASDAQ:PTON) is set to announce earnings results on Thursday after the stock market closes. Andy Norman, Co-President at Mobiquity, provides his insights below.

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Peloton's Dedication To Customer Experience

While there’s a lot of focus around Peloton today as they release their Q3 earnings, I’d like to call attention to them for a different reason. What strikes me about them is not their business results, but the relentless dedication to customer experience that helps them achieve those results.

While many companies struggle to make sense of the explosion of digital touchpoints customers encounter, Peloton repeatedly seeks to serve the whole customer and understand their wants and needs. They know how to meet their customers where they are. This partnership with Delta is a perfect example.

Great digital products have less to do with the technological capabilities of the companies who design, build, and market them, and more to do with how companies pair those capabilities with a deep understanding of the people who will use their products.

To this point, Peloton has created a seamless, uncomplicated customer experience across their bikes, treadmills, and smart TV and added digital products to the family that enhance the user experience in a variety of ways.

An Increase In Adoption By New Users

I expect that Peloton will continue to see an increase in adoption by new users as long as they stay true to this North Star. And they can continue to grow the value of that expanding user base by continuously adding new digital products to their overall mix that enhance lifestyles, rather than just serve a transactional purpose.

The immersive experiences that digital products provide, and their ability to connect the dots between multiple touchpoints, builds brand gravity, what we call the force in the digital space that pulls people toward the products and experiences you create, when it’s never been easier for consumers to drift to competitors.

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The key to sustained success for Peloton will be to continue adapting to customers’ changing needs seamlessly, all while providing a frictionless fitness experience. Each of which are key factors in building brand loyalty — something Peloton clearly takes very seriously.

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