The 10 U.S. Companies With The Most Investments Revealed

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New research has revealed the U.S. companies investing the most and which industries they are investing in.

The experts at BrokerChooser analysed the largest companies in the USA to reveal how many investments each company has made and which industries were most favoured.

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The 10 U.S. Companies With The Most Investments

Rank Company Market cap Number of investments
1 Cisco $229.06 B 214
2 Morgan Stanley $162.57 B 206
3 Microsoft $2.332 T 163
4 Amazon $1.719 T 112
5 Mastercard $345.31 B 96
6 Qualcomm $178.57 B 88
7 Visa $478.08 B 79
8 Intel $209.74 B 68
9 Eli Lilly $277.76 B 52
10 AT&T $170.98 B 49

The company that has made the most investments is one of the leading tech companies in Silicon Valley, Cisco Systems Inc (NASDAQ:CSCO), with 214. The industry that Cisco has invested in most heavily is software, having made 74 separate investments in the sector.

The 10 industries that are invested in the most by top U.S. companies:

Rank Industry Biggest investor Company investments Total investments
1 Software Cisco 74 389
2 Information Technology Cisco 27 174
3 Internet Cisco 28 172
4 Healthcare Eli Lilly 26 163
5 Financial Services Mastercard 40 126
6 Biotechnology Eli Lilly 40 121
7 Fintech Mastercard 50 112
8 E-Commerce Amazon 16 93
9 Enterprise Software Cisco 32 84
10 Medical Eli Lilly 12 65

Having been the most heavily invested-in industry for all of our top three biggest investing companies, with 389 individual investments, the software sector has more than double the number of any other industry.

Further findings reveal:

  • Some of the biggest companies in the USA with the least investments include McDonald's Corp (NYSE:MCD) with just 2 and Netflix Inc (NASDAQ:NFLX) who have 3 investments.
  • The industries receiving fewer investments include therapeutics and artificial intelligence with just 40 and 44 respectively. Both are around 9x less than the number of investments in Software.
  • The most searched investment-related question is ‘investing in stocks’ with 552,600 U.S. searches, followed by ‘best investment apps’ with 409,900 searches.
  • Kansas was the only U.S. state where the most asked investment question was ‘investing in cryptocurrency'.

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