6 Startups That Are Reinventing Markets with Artificial Intelligence in 2021

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With the evolution of technology, every business is now moving forward to incorporate artificial intelligence in a way that provides a seamless experience to the customers as well as the employees. Be it a well reputed brand or a small startup, everyone focuses on making the B2B or B2C processes more efficient. AI makes it possible in reality by rendering fully automated customer support solutions, managing the in-house workflow, or providing a more trusted solution to the businesses to understand their audience. Hence, no matter what product you are manufacturing or services you are offering, using AI powered technologies in your business is a must if you want to thrive in this 21st century.


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The Start Ups That Are Reinventing Markets With AI

Here, we’ve mentioned 6 best startups that are reinventing markets with artificial intelligence. If you presume that all companies are just jumping into a future that may or may not arrive, then you must know that Signal AI has performed a survey on 1,000 C-suite directors from companies with 500+ employees. They found that 85% of the leaders thought they could generate 20% more revenue if AI would have helped differently in decision making for their businesses. Now you can easily understand why you must pick up the best AI technologies to empower your business.

WhiteBox HR

WhiteBox HR is a company that works on the human resources domain. The company has developed a talent acquisition and management software using ML algorithms. This UAE-based startup has already received a lot of appreciation for offering robust analytics and AI support for the growth of the employees which eventually ensures the employer’s growth. They provide a bias free, predictive insight throughout the talent lifecycle with convincible data analysis and people science.

WhiteBox HR has come up to the industry with a goal of indulging and nurturing gender equality inside the workspace. The best part about WhiteBox’s AI driven technology is that the insights you get through the system is explainable and constantly monitored by professionals. Therefore, the whole process of decision making on whether to hire, nurture, and invest on a talent or not becomes much more transparent as one can understand how these insights are made. If you want to scale the hiring process in your company, choosing WhiteBox HR’s AI powered technology will be a good option.


This South African based startup has developed an AI solution for radiologists, named CheXRad. Accrad has made the X-ray process more convincing with which a revolution of AI powered technology entered the Healthcare sector. CheXRad works in a highly automated way and analyses a chest radiograph against thousands other healthy scans to mark and locate the area of infection. Including Covid-19, there are 15 more diseases that can be diagnosed with this AI solution.

Doctors from different healthcare units have tested its accuracy, specificity, and sensitivity. They found CheXRad to be a completely reliable solution which increases the efficiency of a medical facility while minimising the time it takes for manual diagnosis. Not only that, CheXRad also provides a 160x faster solution for pathology diagnosis. Yes, certain pathologies in chest radiographs can be revealed in a minimum time frame with CheXRad while adhering to the pre-mentioned metrics, i.e., accuracy. Hence, if you belong to the Healthcare sector and looking for a dependable solution to serve more patients, get on board with Accrad to eliminate the time constraints.


Flirtini is a dating app that uses AI and machine learning to offer its users the perfect match while taking care of their privacy and security. Flirtini uses AI neural networks to filter fake accounts and inappropriate content. While using a dating app, catfishing, financial scams, phasing become a huge concern among the users even if you are using the most popular dating platform. But with the inclusion of AI, things can be much more secure these days.

Flirtini not only uses AI to ensure security, but matchmaking also becomes much easier. By using the state of the art technology, the application can identify common facial features from the users display pictures that you swap left or right. Therefore you won’t have to scroll through hundreds of profiles before you can find someone of your interest.


Reekon, another application powered by artificial intelligence has received huge appreciation among its users. It’s a customer service automation platform. The application allows businesses to resolve customer queries from all communication channels through an automated process.

Thus, as you integrate Reekon with your business processes you can easily automate customer requested actions and tasks. The application analyzes customer tickets from email, live chat, calls or any other social channels. After that, it generates answers or viable resolutions as per service database, previous interaction history, products and knowledgebase without any human interaction. Not only that but with Reekon you can categorize and assign tasks to the most appropriate teams.

Delta AI

You might already know how social media impacts every business these days. An Australian startup, Delta AI leverages the business owners with high-accuracy AI powered tools to distinguish between the real and fake social media content. This way, you get a clear overview of how your product is used around the world. Delta AI unveils such parts of a video content which may be invisible to traditional text-based searches.

Delta AI has been helping different brands to recognise the true value of their products to the customers with their AI powered technology. This way, brands have got to find the perfect psychological trigger to market their products and make strategic approaches to the audience, with complete accuracy.


teX.ai offers AI based software for text extraction from your company’s mail box, website, social media handles, text messages, or any document archives of your choice. In this 21st century,  with data being the bread and butter for businesses across the globe, data handling has become an avid challenge.

teX.ai offers an apt solution to analyze text genre, group similarities among content and create optimum summaries. That’s how your business can have the right data stored from the right source.

Final Words

AI powered technology can be a real game changer for the businesses just entering the market. You might not know that even the fitness app you use in your phone uses AI to make customised fitness plans for you. Not only that but the use of AI on dating apps ensures full-proof safety and easy matchmaking for the users. Artificial intelligence is the future. So no matter what business you’re into, finding the suitable AI tech and incorporating it in the system, is the need of the hour!

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