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Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) Celebrates Supercharger Network

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Tesla cars from all over recently showed up at a San Francisco event to celebrate the Supercharger network. The highlight of the event was two new Model S cars that were in the middle of a road trip all the way from San Diego to Vancouver.

Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) Celebrates Supercharger Network

Tesla’s Supercharger station

The Supercharger is billed “the fastest charging station on the planet”. With a thirty minute charge, this high-powered station offers 200 miles of range compared to 30A Public Charging Station (10 miles) or 40A High Voltage Outlet (15 miles). The centers are located by cafes, roadside diners, and shopping malls. This makes it convenient for Model S owners to charge their cars and get a quick meal while waiting.

The Supercharger network now allows Model S owners to drive within the network free of charge in between cities along well-traveled highways in Europe and North America.

Tesla charging stops

CNET went more into detail: “The two cars making the journey had started out in San Diego the previous morning, making the 550 mile trip along Highway 101. Although the route planning called for four charging stops along the way, Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) Product Marketer Ted Merendino, one of the drivers, told CNET that the cars had enough range to skip a charging stop in Gilroy. Admitting to some heavy-footed driving, Merendino said that the lowest range the car he was driving showed before a charging stop was 20 miles. For the first day of the trip, he said the cars kept up with the flow of traffic, driving along a freeway with long 65 and 70 mph stretches.”

The drivers will spend an entire night in San Fransisco, and will head to Sacramento for the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Supercharger station they will participate in. They will then drive up Interstate 5.  Between San Francisco, the trip will require about eight more charging stops.

Right now, there are 31 Supercharger stations in North America and 6 in Europe.

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