Tesla Model X Test Drive Review From a Female Analyst

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Tesla’s Model X is probably as good as publicized, believes analyst Andrea James of Dougherty & Company. James said that the Model X “handles great,” suggesting that people will love it and that auto journalists will post positive reviews about the car. The analyst stated that demand is not an obstacle.

“Several times, I had the thought, ‘They think of everything!'” she said.

Tesla Model X – spacious and safe

Last week in Seattle during Tesla’s two-month city tour, James got a chance to test-drive the Model X. She used the opportunity to check the safety and ability of the car. The NHTSA has not yet issued its rating on the Model X, but Tesla “tells us that in its own safety tests, they couldn’t flip the car.” Regarding utility, she said the car has enough space for children, and being a seven-seater, it can handle extra groceries anytime.

James said there are two key differences between her and the typical Tesla buy-side investor who reads her research reports.

One, “I’m a woman. And two, given the choice between driving myself anywhere and taking an Uber, I choose Uber. Every time.”

James elaborated, saying that she doesn’t speak about driving in terms of torque or acceleration or suspension or turning radius, and personally, she doesn’t care how fast the car goes from 0 to 60. What she does care about is if the car is safe.

Amazing experience

James elaborated on four major points that she noted during her test drive. The first is the “Fun Factor,” i.e. the car “handles like it’s a small, nimble vehicle, instead of a spacious SUV.” The second is the “delightful windshield,” as no matter where you are sitting in the car, the “helicopter-cockpit” style windshield and rear sun roofs make the car feel spacious and bright.

James said the electric car’s direct sales model is not new, but the “benefit is worth repeating.” She calls the typical car-buying experience awkward and stressful. The analyst noted that she wasn’t hesitant to tell about the things that impressed her with the Model X. But if this were a typical dealer scenario, she would have to pretend to be “nonchalant” so that the dealer wouldn’t know how much she liked the car and increase the price.

Lastly, James praised the Auto-Pilot function, saying the feature should be mandatory for people like her who don’t know how to drive.

“Model X drove more competently and confidently than I ever do. In fact, I felt like I was receiving driving lessons,” she said.

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