Tesla Model X Has More Storage Space Than You Imagined [PHOTOS]

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Tesla Motors’ Model X will be on the road in a few days, but we’re still waiting to see the final version of the car. But new leaks and info via the online Design Studio for the Model X do give us some hints about the car, suggesting that the Tesla SUV will be more spacious than imagined.

More space to fit two golf bags

Tesla Motors wants to give Model X owners more storage capabilities as is evident from the Design Studio leaks. Earlier this week, a picture was added to the online platform, clearly showing that the space at the back can be increased by making changes to the seating.

Tesla has added a new line to its Model X description, reading “Front trunk with room for luggage, strollers, or two golf bags,” and this was the topic of discussion among users of the Tesla Motors Club forum. Tesla’s Model S has a big front truck, commonly known as the “Frunk,” and is a huge advantage for people who roam around with a lot of stuff, but it cannot fit even one golf bag. But the Model X, the EV firm claims, will accommodate two golf bags.

The leaked images from the online design studio clearly display that the third row will fold flat and the second will pull forward. One of the leaked images shows that the back storage of the Model X can actually an entire sports bike.

Tesla Model X in a few days now

Over the past three years, Tesla has secured over 25,000 preorders, and the numbers are expected to go up once the car hits the road. Tesla won’t be able to ship large units of its car before the end of the third quarter comes, and the ones that reach the market will determine how the future sales of the Model X will shape up.

Tesla’s Model X still has lots of hidden key features that will be revealed once it is out in the market. But the unbelievably huge amount of storage space, if it’s true, will play a key role in accelerating demand for the vehicle.

On Thursday, Tesla shares closed down 0.07% at $262.07. Year to date, the stock is up by almost 18% while, in the last year, shares are down by over 6%.

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