Tesla Motors Inc Model S Latest Crashes [PHOTOS]

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Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA)’s Model S seems to have been surrounding by the reports of various crashes in the last few weeks. On July 4th, a Model S crashed in Hollywood, California, and the vehicle was split in half. The driver was seriously injured, and rushed to the hospital, but couldn’t survive. On June 30, the first Model S crash was reported in China. In a hilarious but unfortunate event, the buyer of a brand new Tesla vehicle crashed just seconds after picking it up in front of the company’s Fremont manufacturing facility.

Tesla driver pressed the accelerator pedal instead of the brake in excitement

A Reddit user posted this image of the Model S. The car owner anxiously wanted to take the sedan for a quick run, but crashed even before leaving the dealership. The car suffered some considerable damage even before leaving Tesla’s store & delivery center. The driver was reportedly too excited, and hit the accelerator pedal rather than the brake, driving the car almost to the showroom floor. It collided with the giant “Tesla Store & Delivery Center” sign. Now the vehicle would remain in the EV maker’s custody for a few more days for repairing.

The image of the unfortunate car shows its front and rear side doors open, and its front fender crumpled. A car usually loses about 20% of its value immediately after leaving the dealership lot. But this one seems to have lost much of its value even before leaving the dealership.

First Tesla Model S crash in China

Chinese automobile publication CarNewsChina.com has published some pictures of the first Model S crash in the country. The crash happened in the Chaoyang district of Beijing last Friday. Tesla began delivering Model S in China in April. Beijing and Shanghai are the only two cities in China where customers get a government incentive that reduces the car’s price by $15,000.

The Model S driver allegedly hit a roadside lamp pole at a high-speed, which propelled the car into a bus parked nearby. Fortunately, neither of the Tesla driver and front passenger sustained any serious injuries. And yes, there was no passenger aboard the bus. As the images show, almost every panel of the car was damaged except for the roof.

Tesla shares jumped 1.28% to $220.96 at 10:50 AM EDT on Monday.

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