Tesla Model 3 Will Not Be As Advanced As Model S: Musk

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The Tesla Model 3 has been the talk of the town ever since the affordable electric vehicle was announced. Recently the rumors and reports regarding the specifications of the Model 3 have gone from surprising to eye-catching, but now a recent tweet from CEO Elon Musk comes as a disappointment for fans who were expecting too much from it.

Model 3 to be less advanced than Model S

Musk stated that the mass-market EV will not be more advanced than the flagship Model S (this was expected given the price difference). The Model 3 will have just one computer screen in the center of the dashboard, unlike the Model S, which has two computer screens. According to Musk, the second screen is of minimal use, as the car will be fitted with self-driving modules.

Musk stated, “Model 3 is just a smaller, more affordable version of Model S [with] less range & power & fewer features.”

Musk added that on the technology front, the Model S is better, but the Model 3 will not have “auto extend handles,” which are found in the Model S. The entry-level Model 3 will not be as powerful as the Model S, and the performance version won’t be released until almost a year from now.

Production on track

Tesla’s CEO also tweeted a six-second clip which has little to get excited about. However, it does reveal that the production version of the Model 3 is identical to the pre-production prototype as far as the exterior design is considered, notes AutoExpress. The video shows the “candidate version,” which will surely soothe the nerves of the roughly 400,000 people who have made a down payment on the car.

Historically, Tesla’s cars have been hit by production delays, but this recent video seems to suggest that everything is falling into place. Limited production on the Model 3 will start in July, and volumes will pick up in September.

Plenty of competition for Tesla’s cars

The Tesla Model 3 will see competition from the likes of BMW and Audi. BMW will release its 3 Series, whereas Audi will launch its A4. Jaguar’s XE and the Mercedes C-Class will also enter the arena, offering similar dimensions with more up-to-date powertrains. However, the Model 3’s price will act as a sort of deterrent to other entrants.

Musk always wanted to call the Model 3 the Model E, but Ford sued Tesla stating that it already holds the rights to the name. Ford has yet to use the name for any of its cars. However, rumors suggest that the company will use the Model E name for its electric vehicle.

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