Tech Companies Worth Watching for Your Value Investment Portfolio

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Remember Blockbuster Video? It had a moment when, for no good financial reason, the stock price blew up. There was the Robinhood scandal. Another moment in tech stocks came and went.

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Stock manipulation happens all the time, especially when they become penny stocks. Suddenly, everyone can play. The Street becomes just another arena for gamers. The serious business of high finance is dragged through the proverbial mud. Rich manipulators get richer while poor fools get poorer. The more this kind of thing takes place, the less seriously anyone will take investing. Unfortunately, when the gamers are done and the chips are swept from the table, real people get hurt. Someone is always left holding the bag. And for them, the bag is empty.

The best way to keep from being that person is to follow the best, most reliable resources for Wall Street information. For example, you can learn more here about penny stocks, along with up-and-coming 5G network stocks and the potential risks of investing. That’s the kind of information you should be reading if you’re going to get into the game.

The Tech Companies Worth Watching

The first mistake beginners tend to make is to dive in head first without understanding investing basics, especially with regard to value investing. They believe it is all a matter of following a hot tip and dumping all their money into a sure thing. They invest the same way they bet on horses. Not only is this not wise, it is dangerous. Instead of treating investing like a game, try treating it like a business. The following are not intended to be hot tips into which you sink your fortune. They are suggestions of tech companies worth watching even before they offer an IPO:


Twitter considered buying Clubhouse for $4 billion. That is an interesting thing because many believe that Clubhouse is just a passing fad. As Steve Jobs might have said, it’s a feature, not an app. Features can be reproduced by every other company. And that is exactly what is happening with this social media gimmick centered on audio chat. Every social media company is announcing or already has a version of it that potentially has a broader appeal

The reason it is worth watching is that is exactly what they said about the social media centered on short videos. It followed a similar trajectory. And none of those pioneering companies were more than a passing fad. Except, we have TikTok. That is now one of the fastest growing social media networks the world has ever seen. It sprang from a dead idea that was quickly copied, badly used, and left for dead. Never underestimate people’s appetite for social media. Clubhouse might not be the big winner. But the table is being set for the one who will.


Discord walked away from Microsoft and left billions on the table. They seem like a company ripe for acquisition. Microsoft thought so, too. But Discord has bigger plans. They are another social media network of a kind that focuses on the gamer community. The thing about Discord is that it is breaking out of that box and becoming the conversation vehicle for lots of different communities. Right now, its trajectory is headed straight up. There is a need for a better means of connecting people that is more rich than text and less bloated than email. This could be the one that finally cracks that nut.


These days, Bird is the word on the Street. You know those electric scooters you see abandoned on metro sidewalks? Bird is one of the top two companies providing them. And they are coming to a city near you. Their trajectory is similar to another upstart company called Uber. The current generation is more familiar with hailing an Uber than they are hailing a taxi.

The scooter startups are tackling an age-old problem called the last mile. It is a term often used in the cable industry. In the transportation industry context, it refers to the relatively small distance people need to travel between public transportation and their destination such as work. Bicycles are expensive and bulky and hard to ride on some terrain. The makers of rideables have been working on the problem. Segway was an early attempt. Electric scooters are looking like a real contender If you are not watching these companies yet, you should be

No one knows if Clubhouse, Discord, or Bird will survive the test of time. But the categories they represent likely will. And they are the top players to watch in those categories right now.