Super Mario Run Version 2.0 Now Available On iOS And Android

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It’s finally here; no longer do Android users who have wanted to play Super Mario Run have to look on enviously at their iOS counterparts. If you registered your interest via GooglePlay back in December, the game is available to download now. However, that’s not all; there’s a surprise for iPhone and iPad users too. This new updated version 2.0 includes some new content for both free and paid for players.

Super Mario Run 2.0

Now if you’re on iOS or Android and are new to Mario on mobile, it’s basically a sideways scrolling runner of sorts. Intermingled with some often fantastic jumping action and other well-known characters from Nintendo’s popular franchise. As for what’s new, here a brief look at what we think are those that stand out the most.

New Characters Join The Fun

Along with Mario, Yoshi is a character featured heavily throughout the game. As such, this update makes it possible to collect Red, Blue, Yellow, and Purple Yoshi as well as Green. In relation to this, you will see a notification in the game highlighting the fact the within Toad Rally; particular color Toads will arrive in larger numbers to cheer on Yoshi of the same color.

Super mario run 2.0

More Free Game Play

For many iOS users, one of the biggest bugbears about Super Mario Run version 1.0 was its propensity to push players to pay. This new update addresses those concerns by pushing the paywall further away; it does this by providing more free play.

This extra free play comes in the form of being able to complete the Bowser challenges. Doing so will enable you to unlock course 1-4, which is Super Mario Runs first castle stage. Additionally, if you are able to pass 1-4 with ease new Toad Rally courses are also available. There you will be able to collect Green, Red, and Blue Toads.

Easy Mode

Back in January Super Mario Run was updated to include Easy Mode. This new feature enabled players to clear difficult courses by the use of unlimited bubbles. It also allowed for the retry of those levels and the removal of time limits. However, one drawback was that it doesn’t record the collection of coins and other items. Now, while that remains, the same players are now able to enable Easy Mode before taking part in World Tour courses. Which could be seen a huge plus for the game, along with new buildings, and easier ticket acquisition within the Bonus Game House.

Complete Update List

Below we’ve included the complete update list for Super Mario Run 2.0. From there you will be able to see that this was no minor update in fact, with updates to make the gameplay easier, and tutorials easier to understand. It’s obvious that Nintendo takes this foray into the mobile gaming world seriously. As such, further updates and improvements will surely be on the way.

  • Adds Android compatibility
  • You can now befriend more colored Yoshi
  • The free version now gives access to more content
  • More buildings have been added to Kingdom Builder, will be unlocked via an upcoming event
    it is now easier to get Rally Tickets at the Bonus Game House
  • 4 new Yoshi colors are now available: Yellow, Red, Purple, and Blue. If you play Toad Rally with them, you will get more Toads of that color
  • After clearing W1-4, more courses will become available in Toad Rally in the free version
  • After clearing W1-4, Blue Toads and Green Toads will come cheer you in Toad Rally in the free version (those were previously found only in the paid version).
  • It will be easier to get Rally Tickets at the Bonus Game House
  • Adjustments have been made to the tutorial to make it easier to understand
  • Ease of play has been improved

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