Study Reveals The US Cities With The Most Job Opportunities

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The study by analysed the 30 most populated cities across the US on their number of Indeed job listings, to reveal the best US destinations to relocate to for work

The US Cities With The Most Job Opportunities

Rank City Population Job Listings on Indeed Listings per 100,000 People
1 Boston 675,647 45,150 6,682
2 Washington, D.C. 689,545 42,973 6,232
3 Seattle 737,015 42,678 5,791
4 Austin 1,028,225 58,762 5,715
5 Las Vegas 641,903 35,268 5,494
6 Denver 715,522 35,531 4,966
7 Nashville 689,447 33,772 4,898
8 Charlotte 874,579 42,562 4,867
9 San Francisco 873,965 39,975 4,574
10 Dallas 1,348,886 61,690 4,573

In the US, the city that has the most current job openings per person is Boston, with 6,682 per 100,000 people. Many people move here to work in the realm of scientific research, with the city considered to be a global pioneer for innovation and entrepreneurship.

In second place is the nation’s capital, Washington, D.C., with over 6,200 job listings per 100,000 people. As the home of the US government, many people move to D.C. to work in the public sector. It’s estimated that roughly a quarter of employees in the city work for a federal government agency.

The city with the third-highest proportion of job openings is Seattle, with 5,791 per 100,000 people. Since the 1980s, Seattle has become a major technology centre, with Microsoft and Amazon both founded here.

The Research Also Revealed The Best US Cities To Move To By Industry

Industry City Job listings on Indeed Listings per 100,000 people
Accountancy Boston 1,577 584
Construction Denver 2,791 390
Customer service Las Vegas 1,755 273
Engineering Austin 4,086 397
Healthcare Baltimore 10,096 1,724
HR Boston 1,598 584
IT Seattle 8,159 1,107
Marketing Boston 3,943 584
Nursing Boston 3,770 584
Teacher Las Vegas 1,312 204

In the USA, Boston is the city with the most job listings for a number of industries, including accountancy, HR, marketing and nursing.

Other cities that had the most openings include Las Vegas for customer service, with many being employed by the city’s casinos and hotels.

Further Study Insights: 

  • When it comes to average salaries, there’s a clear geographic trend, with all of the top-earning cities being found in California. San Jose was the top-earning city for six industries, including HR and IT.

Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities