Stimulus Check Hoax: New Post Claims $2K Coming On Memorial Day

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Federal stimulus checks aren’t coming, but many still expect President Joe Biden to send more money to Americans. Though it is highly unlikely for Congress to send more stimulus checks, a recent Facebook post aired those expectations. A stimulus check hoax promising more stimulus payments was spotted in a Facebook post.

Stimulus Check Hoax: Don’t Fall For It

The Facebook post that has been making the rounds since last week claims a fourth stimulus check is coming. Further, the post claims that these stimulus checks would be $2,000 per person and would be distributed by Memorial Day weekend. The post was shared about 250 times.

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Additionally, the post claims that a child tax credit (CTC) of $300 to $500 per month would also be distributed from July to December. However, the entire Facebook post is false as no new stimulus checks or CTC payments are coming.

Congress has not approved any new legislation to send a fourth stimulus check. Though states are sending targeted stimulus checks to residents, the Biden administration doesn’t seem to have any plans to send more stimulus checks.

In fact, the Biden administration is more focused on infrastructure spending. Also, many economists oppose sending more stimulus checks, arguing that stimulus efforts are contributing to inflation.

The last federal stimulus check was approved last year and was part of the $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package. Under the relief package, eligible recipients got a stimulus check of $1,400. Similarly, the child tax credit was sent last year from July to December 2021.

Not The First Time For A Stimulus Check Hoax

This is not the first time we have seen a stimulus check hoax making the rounds on the internet. In fact, several Facebook and YouTube posts over the past couple of years have claimed the imminent arrival of another stimulus check. All these posts, however, eventually turned out to be hoaxes.

For instance, a Facebook post earlier this year claimed that a fourth check is on its way. The post, which also included a video, got more than 20,000 views. Similarly, an earlier YouTube video that got about 40,000 views claimed that the stimulus checks would be deposited on February 9.

Another Facebook post that got a massive number of views was posted on July 15.

"And it passed 15 minutes ago," the July 15 post said. "WE GET ANOTHER STIMULUS CHECK FOR $2500 at July 30, 2021. We did it!!! The article below tells u what you need to do to receive it quicker and how to track it. I already filled out my form."

Most of these fake posts also carried a link claiming to offer more information on the fourth stimulus check. However, like the posts, these links are also false. Facebook, on its end, has been quick to flag and delete such posts.