Stay Ahead Of The IoT Curve: 10 Experts Shaping The Industry

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In today’s world, almost everything is connected. Everything is linked together in a networked world — from your appliances to your cars. This interconnectedness has led to a host of new and exciting opportunities for businesses, and the IoT (Internet of Things) is no exception.

As the IoT industry continues to grow in popularity, so does the number of experts shaping the industry. In this blog post, we’ll introduce you to the top 10 experts shaping the IoT Industry — and reveal their unique insights and perspectives on the future of this growing sector.

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Alicia Asín Pérez

Alicia Asín Pérez is an expert in IoT technology and has been instrumental in shaping the industry. Asín is CEO and co-founder of Libelium and has helped bring innovative IoT solutions to the market -- including the Waspmote, a wireless, modular, open-source hardware sensor platform for IoT.

Moreover, Asín is a renowned speaker known for her expert analysis of data mining. She sheds light on the pressing concerns surrounding Big Data, highlighting the importance of security and privacy in the rapidly evolving Internet of Things (IoT) landscape.

Dr. Mazlan Abbas

CEO and Co-founder of FAVORIOT, Dr. Mazlan Abbas, is another IoT expert who has significantly impacted the industry. FAVORIOT presents a tailor-made IOT platform for all Internet of Things (IoT) ventures.

This platform streamlines the integration of sensor and actuator data on the Internet, making collecting and storing IOT device data effortless. Furthermore, the platform provides peace of mind for developers as they create vertical applications and offer seamless hosting solutions.

He has been recognized for his significant contributions to the field and has been a speaker at numerous industry events. As CEO of FAVORIOT, Dr. Abbas is responsible for the company's overall strategy and vision and is committed to driving the industry forward.

Kevin Ashton

The co-founder of the Auto-ID Centre at MIT -- Kevin Ashton is a pioneer in the IoT industry. He is best known for coining the term "Internet of Things" and has been instrumental in shaping the industry since its inception. With over 20 years of experience in technology, Kevin has a deep understanding of IoT and has been a critical player in its development.

Kevin Ashton's contributions to the field of Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) are noteworthy. As a co-founder of the Auto-ID Centre at MIT, he was instrumental in developing and promoting RFID technology for tracking and managing physical assets. Under his leadership, the Auto-ID Centre conducted groundbreaking research on RFID, creating a global standard for RFID tags and readers.

This standard has become the foundation for many RFID-based applications, including supply chain management, inventory control, and asset tracking. Through his work at the Auto-ID Centre, Kevin helped demonstrate RFID technology's vast potential and paved the way for its widespread adoption. Today, RFID is an integral part of the Internet of Things (IoT) and continues to play a crucial role in many industries and applications.

Stacey Higginbotham

Stacey Higginbotham is a technology journalist and writer. She has a background in covering the Internet of Things (IoT) and other technology-related topics. She has written for various tech publications, including Gigaom, where she was a senior writer and editor, covering IoT and other tech trends.

Stacey is known for her insightful reporting and analysis of IoT trends and her ability to explain complex technical concepts clearly and concisely. She remains a prominent figure in the tech community and is widely respected for her contributions to the IoT industry.

Peggy Smedley

Peggy Smedley is a prominent thought leader and influencer in technology and the Internet of Things (IoT). She is a writer, speaker, and consultant known for her expertise in IoT and its impact on business and society.

Moreover, Peggy is the editorial director of IoT Institute, providing insights and analysis on the latest developments in IoT technology.

She is also the host of "The Peggy Smedley Show," a popular podcast covering IoT and technology topics. Peggy has been recognized for her contributions to the IoT industry and has received numerous awards and accolades for her work. Through her writing, speaking, and consulting, Peggy is dedicated to promoting the understanding and adoption of IoT technology.

Andrew Thomas

As the CRO of SkyBell, Andrew Thomas likely made a significant contribution to the Internet of Things (IoT) industry through his work with the company. SkyBell is a leading provider of smart home products, including video doorbells connected to the Internet and controlled and monitored through a smartphone app.

By developing and marketing these products, Andrew Thomas and SkyBell have helped advance the IoT industry by making smart home technology more accessible and user-friendly.

Additionally, by driving the company's revenue growth, Andrew Thomas has helped increase investment in the IoT industry and drive innovation in the field. Through his efforts, SkyBell has likely contributed to the growth of the smart home market and the development of new and innovative IoT products.

Pete Wassell

Pete Wassell is the Founder and CEO of Augmate Corporation, a technology company specializing in developing wearable and IoT devices for enterprise customers. Augmate provides a platform for managing and deploying these devices, helping organizations efficiently and securely integrate wearable technology into their operations.

As the founder and CEO of Augmate, Pete Wassell is likely responsible for leading the company's strategy and vision and overseeing its day-to-day operations and growth. He has likely played a significant role in shaping the company's wearable technology and IoT approach. He has been instrumental in helping Augmate to establish itself as a key player in the industry.

Charlie Kindel

Charlie Kindel is a former General Manager of Amazon's Alexa Smart Home division. He worked at Amazon for over five years and was responsible for developing and launching various Alexa-enabled smart home devices and services.

Kindel is a well-known figure in the technology industry, having held senior leadership positions at companies such as Microsoft, where he worked on the Windows Home Server team, and Amazon, where he was instrumental in developing the Amazon Echo and Alexa voice assistant.

Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino

Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino is a designer and entrepreneur who is best known for inventing the Good Night Lamp. This lighting system allows people to stay connected with loved ones in different locations.

The Good Night Lamp consists of several lamps that can be placed in different rooms in different locations, and when one lamp is turned on, all the other lamps in the system will light up as well, creating a visual connection between people who are far apart.

This product received recognition and praise for its unique and innovative design, which combines technology with a focus on human relationships and emotions.

Helen Greiner

She is a roboticist and entrepreneur who is best known as the co-founder of iRobot. This company designs and manufactures robots for various applications, including home cleaning.

Greiner co-founded iRobot in 1990 with colleagues Colin Angle and Rodney Brooks, and she played a key role in developing the company's first product, the Roomba vacuum cleaner.

Greiner is also known for her contributions to the field of robotics, including her work on autonomous robots and mobile manipulation. She has been the recipient of various awards and honors for her work in the field of robotics and is considered a pioneer in the industry.

Parting Words

The IoT (Internet of Things) is a rapidly growing and enormously complex field, and as such, there is a lot of ground to be covered in terms of understanding its various facets. To stay at the top of the curve and keep up with the latest developments, it is crucial to follow the work of the leading experts in the field.

This blog series aims to do just that by profiling ten of the most influential individuals shaping the IoT today. Keep an eye on what these IoT leaders do next, so they understand where things are going.

Article by Brad Anderson, ReadWrite