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Salil Mehta is the chief risk and analystics engineer and is a weekend professor at Columbia. He consults various growth firms and non-profits in various industries. Salil Mehta graduated Harvard with a masters in statistics. This is a fascinating conversation that covers a wide range of topics. I want to welcome Salil Mehta to the show and my co-host, Adam, for another special episode.

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1:15 – It seems you wear a bunch of different hats, can you walk me through your background?

2:59 –Why did Google ban Salil Mehta? Can you walk me through it? What are some of the takeaways?

7:04 – You were never given the reason and do you know definitively what it was?

9:08 – Why do you think it’s more than that?

12:37 – In the larger story, we have so much of our lives connected to these large companies and one of the disconcerting things is that we can lose control of it. Do you think this is one of the key takeaways?

15:16 – Do you have any advice for anybody wanting to diversify away some of their stuff? 16:09 – What I may be missing because I appreciate my stuff located all in one such as Google?

20:29 – Moving onto different topics in terms of statistics and finance, anything that comes to mind in terms of your most important contribution?

22:58 – If one were to hypothesize when the next recession maybe, how would they go about it?

25:29 – Do you invest your own capital?

26:09 – Can you share what your favorite idea is on the long or short side?

26:51 – What is your take on the CAPE ratio?

27:32 – Can you explain what the CAPE ratio is?

29:51 – How long have we been in this top decile level?

33:39 – On your website, you have kid statistics and what is your thought on what age should we be teaching kids statistics? What are your thoughts on education?

37:06 – What do you know now about statistics that you wished you knew 20 years ago?

44:01 – Can you identify a mistake that has set you up for success? Can you identify a favorite failure that you had?

46:43 – Was Merton humbled by the experience, what was his takeaway from it?

47:18 – What is the most important thing about you that people do not know?

49:22 – How did you come up with this?

52:28 – What do you do for fun?

Enjoy and thanks for the listen!

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