Soulbound Tokens (SBTs) Are Better Than NFTs

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SBTs are the perfect marketing tools

Soul-Bound Tokens Are The Ultimate Marketing Tool

In today’s highly competitive market, businesses always look for innovative ways to engage their customers and stay ahead of the competition. One such tool that has emerged in recent years is soul-bound tokens.

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They popped up on the crypto radar when Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin asked, “What if NFTs could be soulbound?” Soulbound refers to a “deep, lasting emotional or spiritual connection between two characters, typically of a psychic or magical nature.”

SBTs are basically digital identity tokens, and represent a person or entity’s characteristics, features, traits, and achievements, taking NFTs to the next level. They are unique, non-fungible assets tied to a specific user, making them an ideal marketing tool for businesses. Soulbound tokens (SBTs) provide an easy but effective way to incentivize customers.

NFTs Are Great, But SBTs Are Better

Many companies have been experimenting with NFTs in recent years. Starbucks has been leading the way with the Odyssey program, demonstrating how Web3 tech can be successfully implemented in any business. But what stood out from the Starbucks Odyssey NFT program was the speculation frenzy that consumed the market, cutting many loyal customers out of the NFT sales.

NFTs have become an increasingly popular source of revenue among companies, enabling them to monetize their product or service easily. These tokens can generate significant income in the short term, making it hard for businesses to turn down their potential.

However, relying too heavily on NFTs as a source of income can have unintended consequences. By turning away from customers who genuinely love the brand and instead catering to whoever is offering the highest bid, companies risk alienating their most loyal customers.

SBTs offer organizations a unique way to create a reputation based on contributing value rather than being driven by the highest bidder, allowing participants to be rewarded accurately based on their contribution and preventing unfair advantages. In addition, users can build their "customer profile" with many brands without paying a toll for all of them.

Paving Personalization

Customers are seeking personalized experiences more than ever before. They want to feel special and appreciated by the businesses they interact with. But even with an immense amount of data available, many companies still fail to offer what a customer is really looking for.

Soul-bound tokens offer a new level of personalization in marketing. By tying a token to a specific user, businesses can create unique, customized experiences for each customer while helping companies build a sense of community among their customers.

They elevate customers' experiences by bridging physical and digital environments while providing powerful incentives to keep them coming back. With soulbound tokens, businesses can create unique deals personalized to individual customers, sparking a powerful connection between customer and brand.

Not only do they offer customers an unprecedented way to earn rewards and discounts, but they also allow companies to keep tabs on customer interactions in a modern and efficient way.


Through SBTs, businesses can reward their customers for interacting with the brand meaningfully, such as by making purchases or engaging in social media activities. For example, companies can offer discounts and rewards for engaging with their content on Facebook or Twitter, giving customers a further incentive to stay connected to the brand.

This increased engagement creates opportunities for targeted marketing campaigns that reach customers on a more personal level.

A Solution To A Problem

Many companies are experimenting with Web3 tools to improve their customer relationship and offer a better experience.

Soul-bound tokens present a fantastic opportunity for businesses to better connect with their customers, rewarding them for their loyalty while driving greater engagement. As we have seen with Starbucks' Odyssey program, Web3 technologies are quickly becoming essential marketing tools that can help companies differentiate themselves in a crowded landscape.

SBTs are one more important piece to the puzzle.