Sony To Release PS4 With 1TB Hard Drive

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Sony is reported to be planning to launch two new PlayStation 4 game consoles, including one with a 1-terabyte hard drive. This report comes from documents originally seen on the United States Federal Communications Commission’s website.

Sony to debut two new game consoles

The two new models are dubbed the CUH-1215A and CUH-1215B. The consoles are variations of the same model with one key difference: the latter version features a hard drive with 1TB. The former console features a 500GB hard drive. It appears the main focus on the new game consoles is upgraded hard drives and not a full console redesign. Sony previously did a full redesign of the PlayStation 3 with the PS3 Slim and PS3 Super Slim.

Sony’s PlayStation 4 already comes with a feature that allows console owners to switch the hard drive, so some PS4 owners have already upgraded their game console to 1 terabyte. For gamers not comfortable with changing the internal components of the game console, there will soon be the option of owning a PS game console with that feature right out the box.

A need for more game console storage

A game console with an improved hard drive will prove to be a big win for Sony and gamers. Video games are getting bigger with more features. A 500-gigabyte disk fills up quickly and isn’t enough. If the Japanese tech giant wants to continue profiting from large video games, it will need to amp up hard drive storage on its consoles.

There will probably be more leaks in the future as we get closer to the upcoming E3 event. Although Sony previously claimed its lineup is rather limited, there is speculation the company is saving some of its big titles for release next year.

Sony is one of the leading game console makers alongside Nintendo and Microsoft. Although general interest in game consoles and video games has waned thanks to the rise of mobile gaming, Sony remains on top of its game.

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