How to set up your new iPhone 11 (or Pro or Pro Max)

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Apple’s 2019 iPhones have been available to buy for over a week now, and many would have already got their hands on a brand new iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro Max. If you also own one of these, then congrats, but now you have an even bigger task on your hand. That is, to set up your new iPhone. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to do it. In this article, we will detail how to easily set up an iPhone 11 (or Pro or Pro Max).

Three ways to set up new iPhone 11

It must be noted that you can set up your new iPhone in three ways – starting fresh, restoring from another iPhone, and importing content from a non-Apple phone. Lets’ understand what each one of these means.

First, setting up new refers to those users who are using a smartphone for the first time or who want their phone to feel completely new. In here, you set up your phone from scratch.

Second, restoring from an old iPhone is the easiest and is for those who are upgrading to a new iPhone. You can easily restore your iPhone 11 through iCloud or over USB with iTunes.

Third, moving from a non-Apple device to iPhone is for users who previously owned an Android, BlackBerry or Windows Phone. There are several online services, including Apple-owned apps that help users switch from Android to iOS.

Before we move to the details of how to set up an iPhone 11, let’s check the initial steps that are common to all three ways.

Common steps to set up iPhone 11

The following are the steps common to all three ways:

Step 1 – As you switch on your new iPhone for the first time, you will be greeted with “Hello.”  After the hello message, slide to set up. You will have to slide your fingers across the screen to start the set up.

Step 2 – select your preferred language and then country or region.

Step 3 – set your WiFi network. If you are not in WiFi network range, then you can complete this step later. You will have to select Cellular if the WiFi network in not available. Once connected, you will get an option to set up your iPhone automatically. If you want to do it manually, follow the below steps.

Step 4 – you will now be presented with Apple’s Data & Privacy information. Press Continue if you are okay with them.

Step 5 – enable location services, but if you don’t want to enable them, you should select Skip Location Services. Later, you can enable the location services manually.

Step 6 – set up the Face ID and also create a Passcode. You can create a six-digit or a four-digit passcode or even a custom passcode as well.

You will now be asked if you want to set up as a new iPhone, or restore date from a backup, or move data from Android. Now, let’s check the process to set up the new iPhone in all three scenarios.

How to set up iPhone 11

First, let’s check how to set up the iPhone 11 if you are restoring from a backup.

When you are restoring a backup, it means you have upgraded to a new iPhone. You will have two options to restore your data from another iPhone – iCloud or iTunes. The choice will depend upon where you previously took a backup of your old iPhone. If you did it in iCloud, then select iCloud now, or else iTunes.

If you are switching to the iPhone from an Android device and are worried about the transition, don’t be, as Apple has taken care of all the steps necessary to help you move to the iOS ecosystem smoothly. There is an app on the Play Store called “Move to iOS” that helps users switch from Android. All you have to do is download this app on your Android phone and follow the on-screen instructions that will help you to take a backup of your device. When setting up your new iPhone, select “Move data from Android” and follow the instructions.

Finally, below are the steps to set up your iPhone from scratch.

Step 1 – after you select Set Up as New iPhone, you will have to enter your Apple ID and password. If you don’t have an Apple ID, then you will have to create one first.

Step 2 – you will be presented with Apple’s terms and conditions. After reading them click on Agree, and then tap Agree again to confirm.

Step 3 – set up Apple Pay, iCloud Keychain and Siri.

Step 4 – you will now get a prompt asking if you are okay with sending diagnostic information to Apple when an app crashes or any other issue occurs. If you are not okay with it, you can select Don’t Send.

Step 5 – for extra visual accessibility, enable the Display Zoom.

Step 6 – tap on Get Started.

That’s it! You are now ready to use your brand new iPhone 11 (or Pro or Pro Max). If you need more information on how to set up the iPhone 11, visit Apple’s support page.

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