Sentri, A Central Hub For Your Smart Home, Available on Kickstarter

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Sentri: Welcome to a Smarter Home

What happens when your home can actually tell you what’s happening, no matter where you are? Enter Sentri, a smart home security solution now available on Kickstarter, that gives you full visibility into your home, tracking everything from your home’s physical security to temperature, humidity, and air quality levels in one single device. And for the household that already owns several smart devices, view and control them all directly from Sentri and the free accompanying mobile application. Exclusive beta access will be given to backers on Kickstarter at $249 (expected retail price: $349+). In the first two weeks of the campaign, Sentri has raised over $250,000 from more than 800 backers. Learn more about the campaign at

Why Sentri is Changing the Home Security Space

Sentri was borne out of a shared passion and belief that we should know more about our homes. Regardless of where we call home, our homes represent more than just the four walls we live in – they are the focal points of the people and things that matter most in our lives, making it only natural for us to want to keep an eye out while we’re away. While many of today’s existing home security systems offer units with multiple cameras and motion detectors, they are riddled with false alerts (an estimated 94-99% of home security alarms today are false, according to research from Temple University), complex installation systems, in addition to monthly service costs.

Instead, the team at Sentri believes that security should be as simple as it is intelligent. Sentri is ready to use out of the box with no professional installation service required.   “We know that in order for Sentri to be effective, it needs to first and foremost be simple,” said Hunter Luo, the lead designer behind Sentri. “Simply plug in, power on, connect to your home’s WiFi network, and you’re ready to go.” Verify your alerts with the ability to check in automatically on your home using Sentri’s built-in camera and mobile app.

Security is also more than just about home intrusions. Increasingly, it’s about checking to make sure your environmental signals are in-sync as well. It’s about taking the real-time intelligence technology empowers today to make wiser and more informed decisions.

With a built-in thermostat, Sentri can give you a constant read on your home’s temperature, and directly send you a notification when temperatures are too high – which may indicate the beginnings of a fire – or too low, which may indicate an open door letting in a winter draft.

Integrated humidity and air quality sensors can help you monitor the state of your home you can’t tangibly touch or see – like the air you breathe. Detect dust mite caused by summer humidity before it triggers your allergies. Have the power to monitor these key stats in rooms like your baby’s nursery, making sure that your newborn is growing in the safest and most optimal environment possible.

We are only starting to tap into the power and potential of smart homes, and Sentri was designed to interact with other smart devices consumers may already own. Connected to open frameworks set up to link smart devices (e.g., smart thermostat, locks, and/or lights), Sentri can allow users to remotely monitor and control other smart devices, creating an increasingly smarter and personalized network of home devices.   Use Sentri’s data analysis capabilities to more effectively monitor activity and trends in other devices, enabling them to also make smarter decisions to power your home.

Knowing your house is good. What’s better is a home that also knows you – one that understands you, learns your habits, and accommodates your lifestyle. Sentri was designed to serve as the central hub for your home – a dashboard of your home’s key vitals, a platform to connect and control all your smart devices, and a constantly learning network to provide you with the information you need before you even realized it.

How Sentri Works

Sentri learns from your behaviors, preferences, and home environment to keep you informed of your home’s most vital stats (temperature, humidity, weather, and air quality) and notifies you of irregularities to keep your home secure. It also comes with traditional home security features like an HD camera and motion detectors that enable users to keep an eye on their homes. When Sentri notices something irregular, such as unexpected intrusion or a sudden rise in temperature, receive an alert directly on your mobile device and check in on your home using Sentri’s built-in camera.

Over time, Sentri learns your habits and adjusts its notifications accordingly. “With Sentri, we wanted to build a truly smart device – one that continuously learned and could also grow with you and your home to deliver actionable information to you before you even realized you needed it,” said Yen Tung, Sentri’s CEO and co-founder. “We hope that Sentri will not only be a smarter view into our homes, but also empower smarter decisions that result in more secure and energy-efficient homes.”

Learn more and check out how you can own this $249 smart home security solution on Kickstarter at

Questions? Connect directly with the Sentri team at [email protected]

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