Send/Receive SMS With Call Notifications on PC with MightyText

Send/Receive SMS With Call Notifications on PC with MightyText

Mobile has become an essential part of our lives. Be it at our office, hospital or cafe, we constantly keep on checking for messages and missed calls. If you fear of missing a text or a call when away from your mobile, then here is a useful application named as MightyText which is available for Android platform.

With this app, you can SMS from your computer or tablet, which uses your current Android phone number and does not requires a new number as Google Voice does.

Send/Receive SMS With Call Notifications on PC with MightyText

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The first thing you’ll need to do is to install the MightyText Android app. Next, install the MightyText extension for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer. Now you’re good to proceed forward and configure this app. Once configured, you can use the web application or the browser extension to SMS from your device and the recipient will get your cell phone mobile number and he/she won’t even know that you are not sending the SMS from your mobile phone. This is very useful so that the recipient can know who sent the text message. You can also get instant notifications when your SMS arrives.

But that’s not all. This app also lets you know who’s calling you, right from your computer. With this app, you won’t ever miss a call or text message again.

This means that even if you have misplaced your phone, ran out of battery or forgot to take it with you, still you can get your SMS messages and missed call alert via the browser extension.

One more such useful feature is log. When a SMS arrives, it comes in a threaded interface and SMS from that same person is grouped together. But with this app, you can also access history of messages on your computer. Call history, MMS and text messages log can be accessed from computer.

MightyText is a free app and it is compatible with all versions of Android 2.2 and up. If this seems interesting, then download this app from below link.

Download MightyText from Google Play

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