What Could Go Wrong? Scutify Releases “Hedge Fund Manager App” On iOS

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Want to be a virtual hedge fund manager?

Scutify, a leading social network for the finance community released its popular hedge fund manager app on Apple’s iOS for iPhones and iPads. The hedge fund manager app is already available on Google Play for Android devices since February.

Scutify allows users to try investing strategies risk free

The app allows users to play as hedge fund managers, create and manage their fantasy firm with a $100,000 virtual capital. Users can use the virtual cash to try out investing strategies and learn new techniques to create value for their portfolio.

According to Scutify, the hedge fund manager app allows new investors and seasoned traders to explore the basic and advance portfolio management strategies without risks.

The apps display the status of the hedge fund including weekly, monthly, year-to-date and total returns. Users can also see the real-time activity of their hedge funds and others, which provided them valuable insights about the different investing strategies.

Hedge fund manager app contest

According to Scutify, the users of the hedge fund manager app can have the opportunity to join its competition to win $20,000 cash and prizes plus bragging rights.

Scutify added that one of the most popular features offered by its investment apps is the opportunity to follow the favorite market All-Stars (real hedge fund managers, analysts, CEOs, influential journalists and others).

The All-Stars in the investing industry will be participating in the hedge fund manager app competition. According to Scutify, registered participants can use the open platform to see what stocks the All-Stars and other investors are buying and selling. They can also use the open platform to monitor All-Stars portfolio value and learn insider insights because they can see the leaderboard for the top 100 hedge funds.

Prizes for the hedge fund manager app contest

Scutify will sponsor the competition for one year to find the best hedge fund manager managers using the app. Users can join the competition any time while it is active starting March 2, 2015 until Marc4, 2016.

The contestant with the most valuable virtual portfolio will win the first prize and will receive $10,000 plus one-year subscription of Scutify premium service of his or her choice. The first runner up will receive $2,500 and one-year subscription while the third place will receive $1,000 and one-year subscription.

Scutify will also give $250 monthly to the contestant who achieved the highest percentage return per calendar month while the contest is active. It will also award $50 weekly to contestants with highest percentage ROI for every trading week.

The biggest question we have is, what could go wrong?!

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