‘Cash Vision’, Automating Cash Flow Projections For Businesses

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For many SMBs, a CFO or high-priced bookkeepers and accountants are usually not in the cards for owners just trying to establish and grow their company. That’s where ScaleFactor comes in: By automating complex accounting, tax and finance tasks, and translating financial information into business insights, ScaleFactor’s business management software is fundamentally changing the way SMBs perform finance functions. ScaleFactor includes automated bookkeeping, bill pay and invoicing, tax and compliance calendar, and business insight reports for smart financial forecasting (more on ScaleFactor’s product tour). They integrate with Xero, QuikBooks, Salesforce, Stripe, Gusto, AbacusNext, and more.

Cash Vision is a machine-learning application that aggregates accounting data to project cash flow up to six months in the future. With no setup or inputs required, Cash Vision automates projections and creates “what if” scenarios, bringing to life the financial foresight necessary to make more intelligent, data-driven decisions.

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ScaleFactor Unveils 'Cash Vision', Automating Cash Flow Projections For Businesses

  • Aggregates current and historical accounting data to generate a six-month cash flow projection
  • Automated cash flow forecasting provides business owners with the critical information they need to make tomorrow’s business decisions
  • Outlines projected cash flow in table, calendar and graph format

AUSTIN, Texas — October 18, 2018 — ScaleFactor, the smart finance and accounting platform that enables businesses to operate in real-time, today announced Cash Vision, a new product feature that aggregates accounting data to project future cash flow. By automatically generating projected cash flow in table, calendar and graph formats, Cash Vision empowers business owners to have a clear view of their cash position up to six months in the future, resulting in more intelligent, data-driven business decisions.

“Businesses of all sizes need financial foresight to make the right decision at the right time,” said Kurt Rathmann, CEO and founder of ScaleFactor. “Cash flow management is key for business owners, many of whom are trying to manage this on their own by manually updating spreadsheets and using ‘best guesses’ to fill the gap. Cash Vision’s automated cash flow projection tool and the ability to create what if scenarios empower owners with the insights they need to make informed decisions on how to run their businesses.”

Cash Vision draws on historical and present data to deliver timely insights that deeply impact planning and good cash flow decisions today. It also provides a clear financial map to a smart, secure and successful tomorrow. Once enabled, a customer’s historical accounting data is automatically run through a machine learning model to predict future cash flow, with no setup or inputs required from the customer. Users receive an updated projection that is refreshed daily to incorporate recent changes in cash flow. Features of Cash Vision include:

  • Cash Vision Dashboard: Outlines projected cash flow in table, calendar and graph formats to give business owners a clear view of their future cash position up to six months in the future.
  • Cash-In & Cash-Out Details: View the projected cash-in and cash-out transaction details each month of projections so business owners know what to expect and can plan ahead.
  • Calendar View: A visual feature that helps business owners get an idea of cash flow for the month, including projected transaction activity for a specific day. It also displays incoming cash, outgoing cash and beginning and ending balances.
  • Scenarios Builder: Create and compare hypothetical scenarios to forecast the impact decisions could have on cash balance. Use these cash flow scenarios to accurately predict the future to help make good cash flow decisions today, and  create and save as many scenarios as needed.

The Cash Vision feature is currently available as an add-on feature for current ScaleFactor clients. For more information, please visit: http://scalefactor.com/

About ScaleFactor

ScaleFactor is the smart accounting and finance software that is changing the way modern businesses operate. By automating complex accounting tasks and translating financial information into usable business insights, ScaleFactor is enabling business owners, managers and entrepreneurs to focus on what they love — running and growing their business. Find out more about how ScaleFactor is solving the problems that businesses face every day at scalefactor.com.

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