Samsung Might Release Galaxy S5 With Tizen

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Is Samsung ready to leave Android yet? A new report suggests that the highly anticipated Galaxy S5 smartphone might come with the new Tizen operating system. IBTimes suggests that Samsung could launch two new versions of the S5, one with Android and one with Tizen.

Samsung Might Release Galaxy S5 With Tizen

Tizen can connect all devices, including tablets and smartphones

Apparently, Samung isn’t quite ready to let go of the software that helped them reach success. But that doesn’t stop the company from trying to take a change on what could be a bold new opportunity. Boo-Keun Yoon, Samsung’s co-CEO, shared plans to use Tizen as a way to connect all devices, including tablets and smartphones. However, since Tizen is still new and doesn’t have the applications or services that Android offers, it might not be as successful as Google’s operating system.

It’s also possible that Samsung might release different versions of the Galaxy S5 in different markets. The South Korean tech giant already does that. The Samsung Galaxy S4 currently have 8-core versions in some parts of the world, and 4-core versions in others.

Since Google recently unveiled the upcoming Android 4.4 KitKat, tech fans are waiting for it’s arrival in October. It should reach all flagship phone models by early 2014.

Galaxy S5 could feature optical image stabilization and non-plastic body

What else can we possibly expect from the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5? It could feature an optical image stabilization camera and a non-plastic body. Both features could really enhance the phone and give it a much-needed boost. International Business Times’ explained the details behind the rumor, saying, “Another possible upgrade on the Galaxy S5 is the installation of an optical image stabilisation camera which shoots well than digital ones. OIS camera technology is currently featured on several phones such as Nokia’s with PureView and the HTC’s “ultrapixel” technology.”

Samsung knows it may be time to make a change, though whether or not they actually make the switch—and if it will be with Tizen—remains to be seen.


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