Samsung Galaxy S5 With Aluminum Body Coming In 2014 [REPORT]

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Samsung may opt for a metal design for their upcoming Galaxy S5 smartphone. Android Geeks first reported on the story and the report claims that the new design (which is known as Design 3.0) will feature some new touches including an aluminum unibody case.

Samsung Galaxy S5 With Aluminum Body Coming In 2014 [REPORT]

Today’s smartphone has gone more upscale with premium materials such as glass or aluminum. In order to keep up with the competition, Samsung may have to change up the design of their next phone. Android Geeks explained, “As you’ve probably noticed, the other big players of the smartphone world are trying to make their terminals look as premium as possible (see HTC One and Sony Xperia Z) using materials like aluminum or glass for their cases. In an attempt to find out whether Samsung is ready to fight back at its rivals with a premium-looking Samsung Galaxy S5, we stretched our antennas and managed to find out that the successor of the Samsung Galaxy S4 will have an aluminum body. The information was provided to us by a trusted source close to the South Korean phone maker, who wanted to remain anonymous.”

If this report turns out to be true, Samsung may be able to take even a larger chunk of the market share and even possibly attract Apple consumers who originally chose the iPhone primarily for the sleek modern design.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Date:

What Design 3.0 means exactly is really anybody’s guess. However, we do know that Samsung will likely introduce the Samsung Galaxy S5 next year with an aluminum design. With that said, it’s important to point out some necessary sacrifices that may be made with the new design. For instance, the popular  unibody construction doesn’t allow users to take the battery out. This change will likely disappoint some consumers, especially frequent travelers. None of these rumors have been confirmed yet.

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