Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Date, New LEDs And Camera Details

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Anticipation for the Samsung Galaxy S5 is heating up. The South Korean tech giant recently unveiled cutting edge LED components for mobile devices. One of these components is a reflector-integrated flash LED.

How LED cameras improve photography

It’s these reflector-integrated flash LED that will give the smartphone cameras a wider view in small spaces. This works by integrating a light source, a lead frame, and a reflector with the system’s own diffusion features and optics. This creates better photos day or night.

In addition, the Korean giant has reportedly revealed that the new LEDs will enter full production in the month of March, so if they are to make it into the Galaxy S5, that phone is unlikely to hit the stores before April.

Senior vice president for the LED strategic marketing team, Bangwon Oh explained, “Samsung is becoming an integrated LED component solutions provider that offers highly differentiated value to customers by producing outstanding LED component solutions which are shaping new directions in mobile devices.”

Thanks to Samsung’s long-term expertise of the mobile industry and investment in LED technology, the company has a significant edge over competitors. Samsung also has the new standard Flash LED 2016 (FH201A) and it applies their proprietary cell-film technology to flip-chip packages.

Samsung looks toward future technologies

Samsung Tomorrow summed it up with, “Providing exceptional design flexibility, Samsung’s 2016 offers 220lm of light output and improves color deviation by approximately 40 percent compared to packages using Samsung’s previous technology that dispensed phosphor on each chip. This more affordable LED solution also offers a high level of color quality, which is rare to traditional flash LED products. By introducing its first 2016-sized flash LED package, Samsung has further strengthened its mobile LED component line-up.”

Samsung’s latest move is just another example of how the company is paving the way for new technology. Like their rival Apple, Samsung isn’t afraid to make tweaks to improve their products with cutting edge technology. Cameras have become a standard feature in smartphones, and although today’s phone cameras have drastically improved over time, we expect cameras to evolve into something even better.

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