Samsung Galaxy S5 Might Come With Fingerprint Sensor

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When it comes to releasing flagship smartphones, every company takes it seriously, and they want to launch their latest and greatest technology bundled into the smartphone. Apple first came out with Touch ID, which is a fingerprint sensor on their iPhone 5S, and now Samsung too is thinking about launching their next flagship smartphone – the Galaxy S5 – with a fingerprint sensor.

No iris scanning for now

Previous rumors suggested that Samsung has been planning to integrate iris scanning technology on their smartphones, but then this plan was discarded as it doesn’t makes sense at this stage. Iris recognition is a retina scanner technology, which as you might have guessed, scans your retina for security measure to unlock the device. Samsung seems to have scrapped this plan, at least for now.

New APK file reveals fingerprint scanner in Galaxy S5

A popular Twitter user, Evleaks, who regularly leaks interesting tech details, has got his hands on a Galaxy S5 APK file named as“FingerprintService.” This APK file does reveal that there would be actually a fingerprint service running in the background, perhaps. If this is really true, then it might mean that Samsung would be the second manufacturer integrating fingerprint sensor into the flagship smartphone.

Samsung might come up with a new marketing idea for this fingerprint sensor feature, and might also promote this feature heavily. Hopefully Samsung will not be in trouble by copying this idea from Apple, as Tim Cook didn’t actually invent this idea.

What are your thoughts on Samsung integrating fingerprint sensor in Galaxy S5? Do you think that Samsung has copied some other company’s idea or do you find it all fair in business? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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