Samsung Galaxy S4 Scratch Test With Pointy Things [VIDEO]

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When it comes to mobile reviews, reviewers try to do what not with the device. They would do unboxing, software benchmarking, multi-tasking, capture photos, play Full HD videos, but it doesn’t ends here. Reviewers often drop the device (which is known as drop test) from a height to see if it’s really strong and durable. The phone has to suffer from various such abuses to discover its strengths and weaknesses. Samsung’s Galaxy S4 is the latest talk of the town, so we will likely see many different type of tests on this device happening right now. For example, here’s a video that shows the Galaxy S4 subjected to a scratch test.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Scratch Test With Pointy Things [VIDEO]

As we know, the Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with third-generation Gorilla Glass for its display. One might wonder what’s so special about Gorilla Glass 3? Well, its specialty lies in its ability to withstand protection from scratches by most metallic objects. It is stronger, reliable and even more durable than Gorilla Glass 2.

According to Samsung and the manufacturers of Gorilla Glass 3, the Galaxy S4 is the first device to sport the shining new Gorilla Glass 3 which, as per the company, provides up to 3 times the protection against scratches and physical damage compared to its predecessor. This might sound like an exaggeration, which can only be proved or disproved by a real world test. That’s why, in this test, you can see how the S4 is put through scratch tests using knives, coins and keys. Also this is a real world test, and not some test done in a limited environment.

Whoever made this video surely knows how to torture a high-end smartphone – a phone which is still not available in the market. Fortunately, it turns out that the phone is indeed durable, and there were no visible scratches at the end of this test. Well done Gorilla Glass 3! Now if only we could get our hands on the drop test, perhaps?

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