Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Launching On June 20?

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Samsung is set to introduce the Galaxy S4 Mini during an event on June 20, according to the Wall Street Journal, citing an individual with knowledge on the matters. The Galaxy S4 Mini will be one of several new products introduced during the London event. On Monday, Samsung showcased the Galaxy and Ativ lineups, however they remained hush on exactly which devices they would feature at the event.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Launching On June 20?

With that said, Samsung may have still have given out a bit too much information about the Mini’s upcoming debut. Earlier this week, Samsung’s U.K. website for mobile applications mentioned the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, complete with a photograph and product number. The company soon realized the mistake shortly after and removed the listing.

Specs and details regarding the new device remain a mystery. There are some reports claiming it will essentially be a smaller version of the 5 inch S4 and it will measure 4.3 inches. The purported new handset will reportedly feature 1.6GHz processor and an 8 megapixel camera. More importantly, this phone is expected to come with a much lower price tag.

According to Juro Osawa from Wall Street Journal, in the global smartphone industry, Samsung has been taking market share away from rival Apple Inc. In the January-March quarter, Samsung captured its highest-ever share of 33 percent, up from 29 percent in the same period a year earlier, according to research firm Strategy Analytics. Apple’s market share, meanwhile, fell to 18 percent from 23 percent a year earlier.

A smaller and cheaper smartphone might help boost interest in Samsung smartphones, especially with would-be buyers who want a high-end smartphone at a lower price. There are rumors that Apple (Samsung’s biggest rival) could launch an iPhone Mini sometime in the near future. The battle between Samsung and Apple will predictably get more intense.

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