Samsung Galaxy S11 And Google Pixel 5 May Get This Hardware

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When it comes to smartphones they are not all created equal. Lets face it, the iPhone series will always be better than a $50 phone from Wal-Mart. However, it seems some of the flagship phones, such as the Samsung Galaxy S11 may share some features with its top competitors. The Google Pixel 5 may well have some similarities to the Samsung flagship in the next gen release.

Samsung Galaxy S11 & Google Pixel 5 – Arm

The iPhone 11 and Huawei  Mate 30 will share the 7nm processor manufactured by TSMC. This much we know. But what about their competitors in the high end smartphone market. What will power the Samsung Galaxy S11 and the Google Pixel 5? Well, Arm is working on several chip designs that will most likely find their way into these two devices. The full system includes the Cortex-A77 CPU, Mali-G77 GPU, and the Arm Machine Learning (ML) processor, according to BGR.

Cortex A77 CPU

The Cortex A77 CPU, which is a viable choice for either the Samsung Galaxy S11 or the Google Pixel 5, is a powerful new chip that has incredible capabilities. It is reportedly able to deliver 20% instructions per clock (IPC) speed gains over the A76 based chips. This means lightning fast processing speeds, which are necessary to handle the extra workload generated by the powerhouse phones these companies produce. The top end models have many features that lower priced phone do not, and that requires extra processing power to keep the phone running smoothly. Facial recognition, 3D scanning and ML capabilities in gaming all require extra computing power to produce, and this chip promises to deliver on all levels. This chip will also support future 5G devices, making it ready for next gen phones.

Mali-G77 GPU

Alongside the Cortex A77 CPU, the Samsung Galaxy S11 and Google Pixel 5 may also have the Mali-G77 GPU. The Valhall architecture of this GPU will deliver 40% speed boost over previous GPUs, as well as 30% energy savings. This is important to users who like to play games on their phones, as gaming tends to drain batteries. Also, the on-device ML learning capabilities have improved the workload by 60%


The ML neural processing unit (NPU) makes up the final link in the chain for this system. The unit will enable devices like the Samsung Galaxy S11 and the Google Pixel 5 to complete many tasks locally on the device that were previously being uploaded to the cloud for computing. This unit will power features like advanced portrait modes, 3D face unlock, and depth control and portrait lighting when taking pictures. All of this adds up to a very powerful system that promises to deliver exceptional experiences for users of any device using it. No matter what you use your phone for, the new chip set from Arm will improve your user experience drastically.

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