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Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Rumors Roundup

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Excitement is building ahead of an official announcement on the future of the Samsung Galaxy Note 6, the Korean company’s flagship phablet.

Curved screens have become increasingly popular of late, but it is worth remembering how their story started. It was in fact Samsung and LG that battled it out to become the first manufacturer to release a smartphone with a curved screen.

Samsung developing Galaxy Note 6 Edge?

Samsung beat its rival in that particular race, releasing the Samsung Round smartphone that was only ever sold in South Korea. After that LG came out with the G Flex smartphone and Samsung went on to make the “Edge” series of devices.

There are rumors that Samsung is thinking of releasing a Galaxy Note 6 Edge alongside the standard Note 6 model. Rumors are swirling that Samsung is working on two versions of the next generation phablet.

SlashGear has put together all of the rumors and concluded that a Galaxy Note 6 Edge could be on the cards. However it is also possible that only one version of the phone will make it to market.

If both the flat and curved version are eventually sold, it looks like the Edge version will be sold as the premium model. Some analysts have questioned the wisdom of making a Galaxy Note 6 Edge, pointing out that most buyers are power users that will gain little from the curved screen.

Rumors point to impressive specs

With regard to other specs rumors suggest that the Galaxy Note 6 Edge will be a beast of a phone. Some sources suggest that a new 4,000 mAh battery will be included, a huge unit that could substantially improve battery life.

It looks as though the new phablet will make use of a 12 megapixel rear camera, which may seem like a rather low number compared to other high-end smartphones. However the Galaxy Note 6 will make use of Samsung’s Dual Pixel technology, with a super-fast autofocus that makes it one of the best smartphone cameras around.

Internal specs are impressive, with either a Samsung Exynos 880 CPU or a Snapdragon 820 CPU underneath the hood. These processors will be pared with an amazing 6GB RAM to provide similar levels of power to a notebook PC.

Powerful device to be released before iPhone 7

It has been suggested that Samsung could ship the new device with 32GB, 64GB or 128GB of internal storage, with a microSD card slot making further expansion possible. Rumors suggest that the Galaxy ote 6 Edge will be IP68 water and dustproof, like the Galaxy S7.

The features are all very impressive, but even power users may struggle to make full use of a Snapdragon 820 processor with 6GB RAM. Some analysts have pointed out that we may be entering into a spec war that leads to impressive-sounding devices that bring little practical benefits to consumers.

Other smartphones from the likes of Lenovo are reportedly going to feature similar amounts of power, so we could be entering a smartphone arms race. However for most people this level of processing ability just isn’t necessary.

There is still plenty of time for new rumors and leaks to appear given the fact that the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 isn’t expected to be released until around July. This is apparently due to Samsung’s desire to steal a march on Apple, with the iPhone 7 expected to be released in September.

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