Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Renderings Show Possible Design [PHOTOS]

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As we get closer and closer to the official unveiling of the new Samsung Galaxy Note offering (most likely in August or September), the tech industry is still racking their brains as to what the Korean technology giant is going to call its next flagship phone. It remains to be seen whether the device will be called the Galaxy Note 6, the Galaxy Note 7, or some variant of the Edge line. Other reports claim that Samsung may launch two separate Note devices this year, with one of the two featuring an Edge display.

Samsung Galaxy Note 6? 7? Edge?

The name, for most consumers, probably doesn’t matter very much, just as long as the device is a significant upgrade over last year’s Galaxy Note 5. Considering the latest renders released of the device, the phone is looking like a quality piece of technology.

Sourced for uSwitch by @Onleaks, the well-known technology leaker Steve Hemmerstoffer, the pictures give away a lot of information regarding the upcoming device, should they prove to be indeed accurate.

Potential specs and improvements

As shown in the renderings, Samsung has incorporated a USB Type-C port on the bottom side of the device, which would make this the first Samsung product to feature an upgrade from standard USB technology. USB-C technology allows for much faster data transfer speeds and faster charging rates.

The phone also seems to feature somewhere between a 5.7-inch to 5.8-inch Super AMOLED display. If one looks closely, the renderings show a slight curve on the edges of the display, fueling the “Note 6 Edge” rumors.

The dimensions of the render are projected to be around 153.5mm x 73.9mm x 7.9mm, which are very similar measurements to the Galaxy Note 5. While the size, according to the renderings, hasn’t changed much, the technology on the inside will have certainly improved.

The phone renderings show that the device seems to be an ideal mix of the Galaxy Note 5 (in size) and the Galaxy S7/S7 Edge (in design). With a suave design, smooth lines, subtle curves, and of course the S Pen on the bottom, Samsung’s next Note device will certainly be one of the year’s most popular devices.

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