Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Smartwatch To Hit Sprint October 4th

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The Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch and smartphone Galaxy Note 3 will be available through Sprint on October 4th. The highly anticipated smartwatch starts at $299 without a contract. It features a 1.6 inch display and 1.9 megapixel camera. This watch works exclusively with the Galaxy Note 3, which is set to come out the same day.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Smartwatch To Hit Sprint October 4th

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 smartphone features

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 smartphone features a 13-megapixel camera with LED flash, S Pen stylus, 2.3 GHz processor, and 5.5 inch display with high-definition. The real draw for the Note 3 is that the handy S Pen is useful for when you want to write a note or memo on your device, as well as for saving pictures, videos or information on your device, and it makes it easy to view later. In a review for the new phone, CNET went into more detail over the Scrapbook app feature that was designed for saving information, saying, “The Scrapbook app syncs across Samsung devices, but unlike Evernote you can’t access it online. Seeing as there’s already an Evernote Android app, you might as well install that. With the S Finder you can search your Note 3, looking not only for files, music, and photos by name but also by date or tags. And you can search handwritten notes, even for hand-drawn symbols like a star.”

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Type in a location(any location) and S Finder will find everything with the location name mentioned in it. It will also go through your geo-tagged images to find photos with such keywords. What’s more is that the search can be refined by date or filtered out by keywords. Another major selling point for the Galaxy Note 3 is the big screen, which makes movies and games more exciting. With multitasking features like Multiwindow, it’s even easier to divide the screen between two applications, which makes it easier to drag/drop or copy/paste.

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