Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 Launched

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Samsung just introduced a new smartphone on Monday morning. Today, they launched the Galaxy Ace 3 phone and it has some impressive features like a four-inch screen, Android 2.2 Jelly Bean operating system, a 5-megapixel camera in the back and microSD support for cards up to 64GB of storage.  The Ace 3 also comes in either 3G with 4GB memory or the 4G LTE option with 8GB of memory.

Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 Launched

This new smartphone also features the Smart Stay screen which dims the screen a little bit to conserve battery power on the device. And that’s not all, the new device will also come with S Voice, a voice activated user program that acts like Siri.

Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 Comparison

The Galaxy Ace 3 is another impressive phone but it’s certainly no Galaxy S4 or even iPhone 5. The new phone should create more interest in Samsung, especially with impressive features.  Although Samsung is no Apple, the company has certainly no problem taking some of the share and customers away from Apple.

It’s predicted that Apple will make waves this year with two new smartphones including the iPhone Mini and the iPhone 5S. The former could come out as early as next month and should retail between $350 to $400. This phone is predicted to be smaller in size with a plastic case and should lack expensive features such as Retina Display to cut costs. The iPhone 5S is predicted to be essentially a revamped version of the popular iPhone 5. Both phones are predicted to come in an array of bright colors like the current generation of iPod Touch media players.

Samsung has yet to share the price or the release date for the new phone, although both tidbits should be known by the end of the month. Samsung is a strong competitor in the smartphone market and it doesn’t look the the Galaxy Ace 3 will disappoint.

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