Save $200 on the SagaPlay F1 Pro HoverBoard Today Only

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Who doesn’t like a hoverboard? Definitely not you. If you didn’t love hoverboards, you wouldn’t be reading this post. I initially fell in love with hoverboards when I noticed it become a thing in a lot of music videos from 2016 and I could totally understand why. It’s a really cool mode of transportation that offers zero emission. If you have kids, they’ll be totally happy to ride the hoverboard to pick your soda from the fridge, run a quick errand down the street, or fetch the mail. With the SagaPlay F1 Pro HoverBoard, you are sure to enjoy every bit of your money because it can run for up to 9 miles in just a single charge making it the most powerful hoverboard in the market! It has a sleek casing for the wheel which is actually a concentrated performance tire on an aluminum alloy rim.

The foot pedals are rated non-slip to ensure that you have the best grip. The SagaPlay F1 Pro HoverBoard can easily maneuver through grass mud or sand and navigate slopes up to 15 degrees. My favorite feature is the Bluetooth speakers which means that you can enjoy good music once you have your phone connected.


If you are going to be riding one for the very first time, you might get freaked out because when you think about moving forward, then you’re moving forward and when you think of going around a circle it does just that. However, I did some quick research of how the self-balancing hoverboards work and realized that they have some switches under the pad that will decide what direction to move/tilt and everytime you stand still, your weight is calibrated and the tilt set at zero, meaning that the more you use your hoverboard, the better you two connect and hence the weird feeling that the hoverboard can turn in whatever direction you are thinking about.

So in simple terms, the SagaPlay F1 Pro HoverBoard has three parts you need to know about to help you better connect with your HoverBoard. The all-purpose LED light helps you to see how well the balance works and make it easier for someone in your way to notice you if they weren’t looking up, the sensors let you know the battery level and also controls the balancing part. while the footpads calibrate and dictate your overall speed and tilt.

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