Russian Yotaphone Goes On Sale

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One Russian tech company has just entered the smartphone market with the Yotaphone. This new device features a dual-screen with colored LCD display on one side and electronic-paper on the other side.

Yotaphone retail price

The Yotaphone (which was developed by Yota Devices) sells for about $600 in Russia and $675 throughout Europe. The device runs on Android. Andrew Roth for The New York Times offered more detail:

“At a kick-off event at the popular Garage Center for Contemporary Culture in downtown Moscow, the chief executive of Yota Devices, Vladislav Martynov, said the introduction of dual screens was “a revolution in telephone architecture” and would conserve battery life. Mr. Martynov said that the electronic-ink display on the back of the Yotaphone would show information, including feeds from Facebook and Twitter, even when the phone is not in use. “Before Yotaphone, this space was useless,” he said. While Russian Internet companies like the Yandex search engine are popular in Russia and software companies like Kaspersky Lab, an antivirus developer, have found international success, there have been no breakout leaders among Russian consumer technology producers, a sector where the country has traditionally lagged.”

Yotaphone a big step for Russia

The Yotaphone could be a big step for Russia. Many Russian companies such as Yandex NV (NASDAQ:YNDX) (one of the nation’s most popular search engines) haven’t found success outside of the country although a few have. Kaspersky Lab, an antivirus developer, one of the few companies that has.

The smartphone market is Russia is growing significantly as two out of every five phones sold during the second quarter were smartphones. The Yotaphone is sold exclusively in European countries including Russia, Germany, France, Austria, and Spain. The phone will arrive early next year in Britain. There are no plans of this phone arriving on U.S. soil just yet.

This phone has a lot of potential, at least in the European market.

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