Russia To Deliver Two Transport Helicopters To China

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Russia will deliver two Mil Mi-171 transport helicopters to China next year, according to Russian Helicopters, a subsidiary of state-controlled Rostec and the designer and manufacturer of the Mil Mi-171 (NATO reporting name HIP).

China General Aviation Service Ltd entered an agreement with Russian Helicopters to acquire two Mi-171 helicopters, which will be delivered in 2016.

According to the Russian Helicopters, the Mi-171 helicopters can fly across challenging climates and topographies in China. “They are used in a variety of cargo transport operations – delivering medicines, humanitarian aid, construction materials, as well as in search and rescue and emergency response operations,” according to the company.

At present, China has a fleet of 150 Mi-171 helicopters including the 52 units delivered to Poly Technologies in June 2014. Russia is expected to participate in China’s upcoming Helicopter Exposition on September 9 -13, 2015 in the northeast port city of Tianjin.

China bought Ka-9 32A11BC helicopters from Russia

China also bought nine Ka-32A11BC helicopters from Russia. The helicopters were delivered last month.

Russian Helicopters said the Ka-32A11BC helicopters were designed to carryout specialized search and rescue operations, firefighting mission and evacuations. The company said the helicopter is ideally suited for China particularly in the mountainous and heavily populated cities.

Russia to partner with China in designing wide-body aircraft

Earlier this month, it was reported that Russia is planning to collaborate with China in designing a wide-body aircraft that would compete with Airbus and The Boeing Company.

Russia plans to sign an agreement with China by the end of this year. According to Andrey Boginsky, Director for the Aviation Industry Department, Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia, the government is ready to fund the initial stage of the project.

An aviation expert estimated that Russia’s plan to design a feasible wide-body aircraft needs as $20 billion in investments. The Russian government’s initial focus is to design a twin-aisle plane.

Russia and China are also expected to sign a cooperation agreement by the end of this year to develop a heavy-lift helicopter.

In an interview with RIA Novosti, Grigory Kozlov, deputy CEO of Russian Helicopters said, “We plan to create a helicopter from scratch. It will be a radically new aircraft despite the fact that some of the technologies of the existing Mi-26 [heavy transport helicopter] will be used in its creation.”

In May, the Aviation Industry of China and Russian Helicopters signed a framework cooperation agreement to introduce an advanced heavy-lift helicopter with 15 tons payload capacity.

Russia and India sign after-sales service contract for Russian-made helicopters

Russia and India entered into a long-term after-sales service contract for Russian-made helicopters operating in the South Asian country.
The contract was signed by Russian Helicopters and India’s Army, Navy, and Home Affairs Ministry. The parties believed that the agreement, which has three to five years term will likely help establish a system for further cooperation between Russia and India.

According to Russian Helicopters, the deal between Russia and India is “another key step in further developing after-sales service systems for Russian-made helicopters operated in India involves delivering the latest ground-based service and equipment testing facilities, improving these operations and automating a number of technical maintenance and helicopter repair procedures.”

Meanwhile, Egypt agreed to buy Russian-made Ka-52 Alligator attack helicopters, according to Sputnik news based on information obtained from a military source during the MAKS-2015 air show.

Last month, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi visited Russia. Pres. Al-Sisi and Russian President Vladimir Putin signed an agreement to switch to ruble transaction. They also agreed to Russia’s grain supplies to Egypt.

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