Ripple (XRP) 6 Major Partnerships In 2018

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Ripple is a real-time gross settlement system, currency exchange and remittance network. Using blockchain that is managed by a network of independently validating servers that constantly compare transaction records. The main aim is to provide a transparent and safe payment system as an alternative to the already existing systems. Ripple stays relevant in the news and consistently providing big announcement and new partnerships. In this video I’m presenting 6 major partnerships Ripple announced/made in 2018.

Okay okay let’s talk about the Ripple apart from Bitcoin RIPL. Also in the vault in the world of crypto currency however repos should not be confused as crypto currency.

It is actually a system for setting payments in a fast and secure manner. The main aim to provide a transparent safe payment system as an alternative to already existing system. Number one MoneyGram. On January 11 2018 mind the grim part there with the ripple network that so companies can come together to use or be in monograms payment system. Where in both of those companies will study monograms integration in the ripple ecosystem through acts rapide. Those are you know what extra it is X Rabbitt that uses x Arpey to offer on demand liquidity which drastically lower scores to while unable to Real-Time payments settlement in emerging markets.

Numbered Mercury X on January 24 2018 report now to add new partners to join the people group with a money grab as many critics complain how useless IP is and how it can easily be replaced. In effect Mercury F X is the leading provider of global currency exchange service partners with Reiffel aimed to use Arpey so enable real time payments settlements.

The partnerships between the people and the Mercury eFax is a perfect union that will enable both companies to realize their best use cases all frictionless transactions which is International Settlements stated by company CEO Alistair Constant’s. Number three I did see Corporation. On the same day January 24th 2018.

IDT Corporation also agrees that partnerships with Ripple will enable low cause the global payment identity is telecommunication provider based in New Jersey. It is a publicly traded company that also enables transactions between individuals online.

Identities senior vice president indicated that the company is very excited to pilot the reports x rapid solution for on demand liquidity. Given that IDT has regularly been using digital assets to generate liquidity in the fiat currencies the new pilot partnership is expected to enable settlement of more transactions at a lower cost.

Now before SBI holdings in late January 2018 the people and SBI Holdings also agreed to see their work together.

Silvius x Arpey via its ally brokerage properties SBI Holdings is the leading financial service company in Japan. It’s also the largest online trading platform with more than 4 million brokerage accounts in the country. It is very similar to the most popular trading platforms in the United States such as ETrade and Ameritrade. As Bea is looking to join the ACT strapped ecosystem to provide institutions sufficient liquidity for cross-border payments between Japan and other countries. SBA has their own crypto currency SBI VC which has plans to be integrated so that X Rapide users payment providers and banks who are looking to transfer money into and out of Japan can convert SRP to Japanese yen and Japanese yen or be instantly.

Narrow 5 Leandy. International. On February 7 2018. One of the leading Chinese payment providers made the groundbreaking move to join Ripoll.

This move was motivated by a desire to enable quicker payments to and from China. The country has witnessed an exponential growth in e-commerce with Amazon Alibaba Aldi Express and eBay being dominant players. The company plans to utilize x current which is Repulsor settlements solution. It powers cross-border transactions between China and Europe as well as United States.

In addition to that X Gurren provides and TRACON which has further enhances security. Number six the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority. On February 14 2008 seen the Saudi Arabia in the mandatory of 30 or ensured Sarma has signed an agreement with RIPL so called participating banks in the kingdom. The EU’s Enterprise Southbridge so instantly facilitate cross-border payments.

The pilot program is the first of its kind to be launched by a central bank. The company said in a statement the Central Bank’s partnerships with RIPL will potentially transform how banks in the kingdom send money globally while loan bank customers access to a faster cheaper and much US spurned a cross-border transactions.

As part of the deal Sommerville also provides to banks in Saudi Arabia with a program of management and training. Sama is the second central bank. So introduce repos block chain based cross-border payments platform. Following the bank of England’s pilot project in 2017 the move by Saudi Arabia central bank is evidence that regulation and government in the Middle East are beginning to embrace the block chain technology and financial technology as a whole.

Other events over the first two months of 2013 report that he has continued to increase the access of emerging markets India Brazil India and China. World Bank reports that money transfer. I expect it to grow by Allworth three point four percent in 2018 while the China and India showed their highest income interest actions in 2017.

Furthermore the ripple keeps on working on its resolution of continued decentralisation as well as Exar feel that a consensus protocol.

This strategy will be undertaken in two phases. The first phase has been migrated so the use of follow data manifest improvement of security and publication of recommended unique notes. This list utilizes the company’s dynamic unique nodes infrastructure. The second phase will involve integration of independent validators so they recommended unique nodes.

During this period for every Tsun that Bendit validate there’s added to the recommended unique notes a single Ripple operated validator gets removed. The endgame is to create that work with the various sets of validators running by different entities in different locations with a common goal. The long term scalability and security of a triple X Arpey larger cell. We came to the end. If you guys have any additional partnerships that ripple made in 2018 please comment below

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