How To Replace An Old iPhone Battery For Just $29

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Apple has been all over the news lately – and not in a positive light. The company recently admitted that they are slowing older iPhones in order to protect the phone’s battery. Whether or not this is the true reason for slowing down older models is up in the air, but many customers are up in arms due to the lack of transparency regarding the process. In an apology letter, Apple gave customers an affordable option to fix slower phones. Follow these simple steps to learn how to replace an old iPhone battery for just $29.

iPhone Slow Down

As mentioned above, Apple recently admitted that they were slowing older iPhones – purportedly to protect the battery. Taking action to replace an old iPhone battery will largely fix any slow down problems that you’re experiencing as a result of this practice. Previously costing $79, Apple has given customers the opportunity to replace an old iPhone battery for just $29.

Anyone with a device that is an iPhone 6 or newer can take advantage of this new deal. Older iPhones shouldn’t be experiencing the slowdown, due to the switch with the 6 to a lithium-ion battery. While lithium-ion batteries have a lot of advantages over older technology, there is a drawback in that they lose their potency and capacity after a certain number of charges. When you replace an old iPhone battery, you can reverse the slowdown that was put into effect to keep your iPhone from crashing due to an aging power supply.

The deal to replace an old iPhone battery will be running all year long, but we recommend taking advantage of this deal sooner rather than later so you can speed up your phone and enjoy your older device faster and longer.

How To Replace An Old iPhone Battery

In order to replace an old iPhone battery, you’ll need to get in contact with Apple. While many Android phones allow users to repair them on their own, Apple has been vigorously fighting against consumers that want to replace an old iPhone battery on their own, claiming that owners are merely buying the right to use the device rather than owning it outright. There’s been a big push in the “right to repair” movement, with numerous lawsuits in progress from groups around the world that would like the right to repair a device that they own rather than being reliant on the company that produced the item.

While there’s a decent amount of debate over whether or not Apple should allow users to repair a device on their own, the fact remains that at this current time, your best bet is to take advantage of the $29 deal to replace an old iPhone battery.

To get your device back up and running in tip top shape, simply follow the steps below.

  1. Back up your device using iTunes. As a policy, Apple formats a phone every time that it’s serviced in order to avoid any potential culpability if data were to be erased. It’s an inconvenience, but only takes a little bit of time and ensures that your phone will be restored to the way it was once they replace an old iPhone battery.
  2. Visit – Apple’s support and repair website – in order to get started on the process
  3. On the website, either make an appointment at your local Apple Store’s Genius Bar, or another authorized service provider. If you’re not close by, there’s also an option for you to mail your phone in for repairs.

For more information regarding the process, or just to speak to Apple about your phone, call (800) MY-APPLE

Apple has promised more transparency with subsequent iOS updates released in 2018, so we’ll have to see whether these slow downs or other shady activities remain obscured or are brought to light. Until that point, make sure to take advantage of the $29 deal to replace an old iPhone battery.

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